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English French To English - angoisse 
(f) n. anguish, distress; tribulation; anxiety, trouble
Dutch French To Dutch - angoisse 
1. (général) leed (n); smart (m/f); lijden (n)
2. (comportement émotionnel) ongerustheid (f); bezorgdheid (f); zorg (m/f); bekommernis (f); verontrusting (f); vrees (m/f)
3. (sentiments) oppressie (f); beklemming (f); benauwing (f)
German French To German - angoisse 
n. angst, beklommenheit
Italian French To Italian - angoisse 
1. (général) angoscia (f); tormento (m); agonia (f)
2. (comportement émotionnel) ansietà {invariable}; ansia (f); apprensione (f); preoccupazione (f); inquietudine (f)
3. (sentiments) oppressione (f); angoscia (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - angoisse 
1. (général) desespero (m); angústia (f); agonia (f)
2. (comportement émotionnel) ansiedade (f); preocupação (f); inquietude (f); apreensão (f)
3. (sentiments) opressão (f); angústia (f)
Russian French To Russian - angoisse 
n. тоска (f), ужас (f), тревога (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - angoisse 
1. (général) agonía (f); dolor agudo; tormento (m)
2. (comportement émotionnel) ansiedad (f); inquietud (f); preocupación (f); angustia (f)
3. (sentiments) opresión (f); angustia (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - angoisse 
[la] yürek darlığı, sıkıntı, bunalma; endişe


 Synonyms for angoisse
1. extrême angoisse:
2. anxiété: inquiétude, tourment, crainte, peur, terreur, affres, effroi, détresse, transe, affliction

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