Definition of anguish Pronunciation
1. Extreme pain, either of body or mind; excruciating distress.
2. To suffer pain.
3. To cause to suffer pain.
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English - English - anguish Pronunciation
n. agony, torment; anxiety, fear
v. suffer; be tormented
English - Spanish - anguish Pronunciation
s. angustia, aflicción, agobio, agonía, ansia, congoja, dolor, tormento
v. angustiarse, afligirse, acongojarse
English - French - anguish Pronunciation
n. angoisse, anxiété; torture
v. être angoissé; souffrir le martyre
English - German - anguish Pronunciation
n. Qualen, Ängste, Leiden
v. leiden, sich quälen
English - Italian - anguish Pronunciation
s. angoscia, tormento, affanno; dolore, sofferenza, spasimo
v. angosciare, angustiare
English - Portuguese - anguish Pronunciation
s. angústia; aflição
v. angustiar, afligir; ser atormentado
English - Russian - anguish Pronunciation
с. мука (страдание), страдание, тоска, боль, мучение
г. испытывать острую тоску
English - Turkish - anguish Pronunciation
i. acı, ızdırap
English - Dutch - anguish Pronunciation
zn. zielssmart; folterende pijn
ww. lijden; smarten
English - Greek - anguish Pronunciation
ουσ. αγωνία, οδύνη
English - Chinese - anguish Pronunciation
(名) 苦恼; 痛苦
(动) 使极苦闷; 使极痛苦; 感到痛苦
English - Chinese - anguish Pronunciation
(名) 苦惱; 痛苦
(動) 使極苦悶; 使極痛苦; 感到痛苦
English - Japanese - anguish Pronunciation
(名) 激しい苦痛; 苦悶
(動) 苦悶する
English - Korean - anguish Pronunciation
명. 고통; 걱정, 두려움

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Dictionary Extension
Synonyms for anguish
1. agonise
2. distress: grief, agony, wretchedness, pain, sorrow, suffering, woe
3. agonize: grieve, suffer, be distressed
Verb forms for anguish
Present participle: anguishing
Present: anguish (3.person: anguishes)
Past: anguished
Future: will anguish
Present conditional: would anguish
Present Perfect: have anguished (3.person: has anguished)
Past Perfect: had anguished
Future Perfect: will have anguished
Past conditional: would have anguished