n. bone in the ankle, talus (Anatomy)
English - Spanish - anklebone Pronunciation
s. Hueso del tobillo
English - French - anklebone Pronunciation
n. l'os de la cheville
English - German - anklebone Pronunciation
n. Sprungbein
English - Italian - anklebone Pronunciation
s. caviglia (anat.)
English - Portuguese - anklebone Pronunciation
s. o osso do calcanhar
English - Turkish - anklebone Pronunciation
i. aşık kemiği
English - Dutch - anklebone Pronunciation
zn. enkelbeen
English - Greek - anklebone Pronunciation
(Lex). αστράγαλος, κότσι
English - Chinese - anklebone Pronunciation
(名) 踝骨; 踝关节
English - Chinese - anklebone Pronunciation
(名) 踝骨; 踝關節
English - Japanese - anklebone Pronunciation
(名) 距骨(解剖学)
noun: the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint

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