Definition of annex Pronunciation
1. An addition, an extension.
2. An appendix.
3. An addition or extension to a building.
4. An addition to the territory of a country or state, from a neighbouring country or state, normally by military force.
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English - English - annex Pronunciation
n. attachment
v. incorporate, add, append (territory, etc.); join, connect
n. annex, attachment
English - Spanish - annex Pronunciation
s. anexo, adición, adjunto, apéndice, edificio anexo, extensión
v. anexar, adicionar, anejar, anexionar, incorporar, poner como anexo
English - French - annex Pronunciation
n. annexe
v. annexer; adjoindre, joindre, ajouter,
English - German - annex Pronunciation
n. Annex, Anhängsel, Anfügung; Anbau (Gebäude)
v. anhängen, annektieren
English - Italian - annex Pronunciation
s. edificio annesso; dipendenza (per personale d'albergo); documento allegato
v. (Pol) annettere; allegare, accludere; impossessarsi di, appropriarsi
English - Portuguese - annex Pronunciation
s. anexo
v. anexar; juntar; incorporar
English - Russian - annex Pronunciation
с. пристройка, крыло, флигель, приложение, дополнение, приставка
г. присоединять, аннексировать, прилагать, делать приложение
English - Turkish - annex Pronunciation
f. eklemek, ilave etmek, katmak, topraklarına katmak; habersiz almak
i. ek, ilave, eklenti; ek bina
German - English - annex Pronunciation
v. incorporate, add, append (territory, etc.); join, connect
Dutch - English - annex Pronunciation
adj. adjoining
English - Dutch - annex Pronunciation
zn. annex
ww. aanhechten, annexeren
English - Greek - annex Pronunciation
ουσ. παράρτημα
ρήμ. προσαρτώ
German - Spanish - annex Pronunciation
n. anejo (m)
German - Turkish - annex Pronunciation
i. ek (m)
Dutch - French - annex Pronunciation
(gebouw) annexe; attenant; contigu
English - Chinese - annex Pronunciation
(名) 附加物; 附录; 附件; 扩建部分
(动) 附加, 增添; 合并; 强占, 并吞; 获得, 得到
English - Chinese - annex Pronunciation
(名) 附加物; 附錄; 附件; 擴建部分
(動) 附加, 增添; 合併; 強佔, 併吞; 獲得, 得到
English - Japanese - annex Pronunciation
(名) 建て増し部分; 別館; 付属文書; 付加物
(動) 付加する; 併合する; 盗む
English - Korean - annex Pronunciation
명. 부가물, 첨가물, 부록
동. 부가하다, 합병하다, 첨가하다; 합치다
German - Chinese - annex Pronunciation

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Synonyms for annex
1. attach: connect, append, affix, join
2. addition: arm, attachment, extension, block, ell, wing
3. incorporate: appropriate, subordinate, take over, unite, acquire
Verb forms for annex
Present participle: annexing
Present: annex (3.person: annexes)
Past: annexed
Future: will annex
Present conditional: would annex
Present Perfect: have annexed (3.person: has annexed)
Past Perfect: had annexed
Future Perfect: will have annexed
Past conditional: would have annexed