Definition of annotation Pronunciation
1. A critical or explanatory commentary or analysis
2. A comment added to a text
3. The process of writing such comment or commentary
4. Metadata added to a document or program
5. Information relating to the genetic structure of sequences of bases
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English - English - annotation Pronunciation
n. comment or explanation added to a text; comment or remark added to a computerized document (Computers); additional information about a part or feature of a computer program (Computers)
n. annotation, note
English - Spanish - annotation Pronunciation
s. comentario; anotación, acotación, acotamiento, apostilla, glosa, comentario, apunte, exégesis
English - French - annotation Pronunciation
n. annotation
English - German - annotation Pronunciation
n. Anmerkung
English - Indonesian - annotation Pronunciation
n. keterangan, catatan, anotasi
English - Italian - annotation Pronunciation
s. significato
English - Polish - annotation Pronunciation
n. adnotacja, przypis
English - Portuguese - annotation Pronunciation
s. anotação; observação
English - Romanian - annotation Pronunciation
n. adnotare, comentariu, notă
English - Russian - annotation Pronunciation
с. аннотирование, аннотация, примечание
English - Turkish - annotation Pronunciation
i. dipnot, çıkma; not
English - Ukrainian - annotation Pronunciation
n. анотування, анотація, коментар, тлумачення, нотатка, примітка
French - English - annotation Pronunciation
(f) n. annotation, note
English - Dutch - annotation Pronunciation
zn. opmerking
English - Greek - annotation Pronunciation
ουσ. σχόλιο
French - Spanish - annotation Pronunciation
(livres) anotación (f); apunte (m); comentario (m)
French - German - annotation Pronunciation
n. anmerkung, vermerk
French - Italian - annotation Pronunciation
(livres) nota (f); chiosa (f); glossa (f); postilla (f)
French - Portuguese - annotation Pronunciation
(livres) anotação (f); nota (f); comentário (m)
French - Russian - annotation Pronunciation
n. аннотация (f), примечание (f)
French - Turkish - annotation Pronunciation
[la] not, dipnot, haşiye
German - Turkish - annotation Pronunciation
i. haşiye (f)
French - Dutch - annotation Pronunciation
(livres) annotatie (f); aantekening (f); commentaar (m/n); bemerking (f); opmerking (f); aanmerking (f)
English - Arabic - annotation Pronunciation
‏حاشية، ملاحظات، التحشية‏
English - Chinese - annotation Pronunciation
(名) 评注, 注解, 加在正文后的评注或解释; 加在计算机化文件后的评注或记号 (计算机用语); 关于计算机某程序一部分或一特点的附加说明 (计算机用语)
English - Chinese - annotation Pronunciation
(名) 評注; 注解
English - Hindi - annotation Pronunciation
n. टीका, टिप्पणी
English - Japanese - annotation Pronunciation
(名) 注解, 注釈; (コンピュータ) 注釈
English - Korean - annotation Pronunciation
명. 주석, 주
English - Vietnamese - annotation Pronunciation
n. lời chú thích, lời phụ chú, lời chú giải

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Synonyms for annotation
commentary: explanation, note, assessment, comment, criticism, critique, footnote