Definition of answerability Pronunciation
1. The state of being answerable.
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English - English - answerability Pronunciation
n. ability to be answered; liability, accountability, responsibility
English - Spanish - answerability Pronunciation
s. responsabilidad; relación
English - French - answerability Pronunciation
n. possibilité de donner une réponse; capacité de faire son rapport)
English - German - answerability Pronunciation
n. verantwortlich sein; für Jemanden die Verantwortung tragen
English - Italian - answerability Pronunciation
s. possibilità di risposta; responsabilità
English - Portuguese - answerability Pronunciation
s. possibilidade de dar resposta; capacidade de dar o veredicto
English - Russian - answerability Pronunciation
с. ответственность, отчитываемость
English - Turkish - answerability Pronunciation
English - Dutch - answerability Pronunciation
zn. verantwoordelijkheid, aansprakelijkheid
English - Japanese - answerability Pronunciation
(名) 責任; 答えられること
English - Korean - answerability Pronunciation
명. 대답할 수 있슴; 믿을 수 있슴, 책임 있슴

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