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English English - Definition of antics 
[antic] n. prank, trick, mischief; funny movement, buffoonery
v. jump, dance, make pranks, "clown around"
Spanish English To Spanish - antics 
[antic] s. payasada, broma; cabriola, bufonada
v. saltar, brincar, hacer cabriolas
French English To French - antics 
[antic] n. polissonnerie; un geste drôle
v. gambader, cabrioler, faire des farces
German English To German - antics 
[antic] n. Possen; Mätzchen
v. Possen treiben, springen, Lausbubenstreiche spielen
Italian English To Italian - antics 
[antic] s. (ant) buffoneria, beffa, scherzo
v. pagliacciata, comportamento ridicolo, gesti grotteschi; capriole, salti
Portuguese English To Portuguese - antics 
[antic] s. farsa; travessura; movimento engraçado
v. quicar, cacarejar
Russian English To Russian - antics 
[antic] с. гримасы, ужимки, шутовство, шалости, фиглярство, фигляр
Turkish English To Turkish - antics 
i. antikalık, acayiplik, tuhaflık, maskaralık, soytarılık
Dutch English To Dutch - antics 
[antic] zn. capriool, dolle streek
ww. ondeugend zijn, capriool, gekke/dolle streek
Greek English To Greek - antics 
ουσ. αστείο, γελοία παιγνίδια
ChineseS English To ChineseS - antics 
[antic] (名) 滑稽的动作, 古怪的姿势
ChineseT English To ChineseT - antics 
[antic] (名) 滑稽的動作, 古怪的姿勢
Japanese English To Japanese - antics 
[antic] (名) おどけたしぐさ; 戯れ
(動) 道化を演ずる, おどける
Korean English To Korean - antics 
[antic] 명. 익살, 장난, 농담, 짓궂은 장난; 익살스러운 몸짓, 광대짓
noun: a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement
verb: act as or like a clown
adjective: ludicrously odd Example:Hamlet's assumed antic disposition.


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