Definition of anticyclone Pronunciation
1. A system of winds that spiral out from a centre of high pressure
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English - English - anticyclone Pronunciation
n. winds rotating around an area of high atmospheric pressure (Meteorology)
n. anticyclone, winds rotating around an area of high atmospheric pressure (Meteorology)
English - Spanish - anticyclone Pronunciation
s. anticiclón, (Met.) zona de alta presión barométrica y de clima estable
English - French - anticyclone Pronunciation
n. anticyclone (en météorologie, région de haute pression barométrique et de temps stable)
English - German - anticyclone Pronunciation
n. Hochdruckzone (Meteorologie- Region mit besonders hohem Luftdruck und stabiler Wetterlage)
English - Italian - anticyclone Pronunciation
s. anticiclone (in meteorologia-zona con pressione barometrica alta e tempo stabile)
English - Polish - anticyclone Pronunciation
n. antycyklon
English - Portuguese - anticyclone Pronunciation
s. anticiclone (Meteorologia- centro de alta pressão)
English - Romanian - anticyclone Pronunciation
n. anticiclon
English - Russian - anticyclone Pronunciation
с. антициклон
English - Turkish - anticyclone Pronunciation
i. antisiklon, yüksek basınçlı atmosfer kütlesi
English - Ukrainian - anticyclone Pronunciation
n. антициклон
French - English - anticyclone Pronunciation
(m) n. anticyclone, winds rotating around an area of high atmospheric pressure (Meteorology)
English - Dutch - anticyclone Pronunciation
zn. hogedrukgebied (in meteorologie-gebied met hoge barometerstand en vaste weersomstandigheden)
English - Greek - anticyclone Pronunciation
ουσ. αντικύκλωνας
French - Spanish - anticyclone Pronunciation
(météorologie) anticiclón (m)
French - German - anticyclone Pronunciation
n. antizyklon, hoch
French - Italian - anticyclone Pronunciation
(météorologie) anticiclone (m)
French - Portuguese - anticyclone Pronunciation
(météorologie) anticiclone (m)
French - Russian - anticyclone Pronunciation
n. антициклон (m)
French - Turkish - anticyclone Pronunciation
[le] antisiklon, yüksek basınç merkezi
French - Dutch - anticyclone Pronunciation
(météorologie) anticycloon (m)
English - Arabic - anticyclone Pronunciation
‏ضغط جوي مرتفع، الإعصار المضاد‏
English - Chinese - anticyclone Pronunciation
(名) 高气压; 反气旋
English - Chinese - anticyclone Pronunciation
(名) 高氣壓; 反氣旋
English - Hindi - anticyclone Pronunciation
n. वायु का बाहरी आ‍ेर का झोंका
English - Japanese - anticyclone Pronunciation
(名) 高気圧(気象学)
English - Korean - anticyclone Pronunciation
명. 역선풍
English - Vietnamese - anticyclone Pronunciation
n. gió thổi ngược

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