Definition of antithesis Pronunciation
1. Exact opposite.
His theory is the antithesis of mine.
2. The juxtaposition of contrasting words or ideas to give a feeling of balance.
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English - English - antithesis Pronunciation
n. opposite, contrast
English - Spanish - antithesis Pronunciation
s. antítesis, contrario, cosa opuesta, opuesto, reverso
English - French - antithesis Pronunciation
n. antithèse, contraste
English - German - antithesis Pronunciation
n. Widerspruch; Antithese
English - Italian - antithesis Pronunciation
s. antitesi
English - Portuguese - antithesis Pronunciation
s. antítese, oposição
English - Russian - antithesis Pronunciation
с. антитезис, полная противоположность, контраст; противоречие
English - Turkish - antithesis Pronunciation
i. antitez, karşısav, zıtlık
English - Dutch - antithesis Pronunciation
zn. antithese, tegenstelling
English - Greek - antithesis Pronunciation
ουσ. κτυπητή διαφορά, αντίθεση
English - Chinese - antithesis Pronunciation
(名) 对立面; 对照; 对立; 对偶
English - Chinese - antithesis Pronunciation
(名) 對立面; 對照; 對立; 對偶
English - Japanese - antithesis Pronunciation
(名) 対照; 対照法
English - Korean - antithesis Pronunciation
명. 대조, 대조법, 반대

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Synonyms for antithesis
opposite: converse, reverse, inverse, corollary, transformation