Definition of anxiously Pronunciation
1. In an anxious manner; with painful uncertainty; solicitously.
He anxiously awaited the arrival of his child.
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English - English - anxiously Pronunciation
adv. fearfully, worriedly; eagerly, zealously
English - Spanish - anxiously Pronunciation
adv. ansiosamente, angustiosamente, con inquietud, con preocupación, de manera angustiada, deseosamente, preocupadamente
English - French - anxiously Pronunciation
adv. anxieusement; avec inquiétude; avec impatience
English - German - anxiously Pronunciation
adv. ängstlich, sorgenvoll; leidenschaftlich
English - Italian - anxiously Pronunciation
avv. ansiosamente
English - Portuguese - anxiously Pronunciation
adv. ansiosamente; inquietamente; preocupadamente; angustiadamente
English - Russian - anxiously Pronunciation
нареч. с волнением, тревожно, с тревогой, очень, сильно
English - Turkish - anxiously Pronunciation
English - Dutch - anxiously Pronunciation
bw. bezorgd; verlangend
English - Greek - anxiously Pronunciation
(Lex). αγωνιωδώς
English - Chinese - anxiously Pronunciation
(副) 焦急地; 担忧地
English - Chinese - anxiously Pronunciation
(副) 焦急地; 擔憂地
English - Japanese - anxiously Pronunciation
(副) 心配して; 切望して
English - Korean - anxiously Pronunciation
부. 근심하여, 걱정하여; 열망하여, 갈망하여

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