Spanish - English - anzuelo Pronunciation
n. hook, fishhook; bait, lure; trolling, sending of intentionally erroneous messages to message boards in order to lure others to respond (Internet)
Spanish - French - anzuelo Pronunciation
(deportes - pesca) hameçon (m)
Spanish - German - anzuelo Pronunciation
n. angelhaken
Spanish - Russian - anzuelo Pronunciation
n. рыболовный крючок, приманка
Spanish - Chinese - anzuelo Pronunciation
n. 鉤 (gou1), 釣鉤 (dıao4 gou1)
Spanish - Korean - anzuelo Pronunciation
n. 갈고리, 미끼, 매혹
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Synonyms for anzuelo
1. señuelo: carnada, cebo
2. gancho: garfio, arpón
3. ardid: engaño, seducción, embeleco