Definition of aphanite Pronunciation
1. Certain dark igneous rocks having grain so fine that the individual crystals cannot be seen with the naked eye.
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English - Spanish - aphanite Pronunciation
s. afanita, anfibolita, tipo de roca muy dura de color verdoso
English - French - aphanite Pronunciation
n. aphanite (espèce de rocher)
English - German - aphanite Pronunciation
n. Aphenit (Felsenart)
English - Italian - aphanite Pronunciation
s. afanite (tipo di roccia)
English - Portuguese - aphanite Pronunciation
s. afanita, tipo de rocha
English - Russian - aphanite Pronunciation
French - English - aphanite Pronunciation
n. aphanite, type of fine-grained rock
English - Dutch - aphanite Pronunciation
zn. afaniet (soort rots)
English - Chinese - aphanite Pronunciation
(名) 非显晶岩; 隐晶岩
English - Chinese - aphanite Pronunciation
(名) 非顯晶岩; 隱晶岩
English - Japanese - aphanite Pronunciation
(名) 非顕晶質岩

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