n. raising of bees and selling the honey which is produced
n. beekeeping, apiculture
English - Spanish - apiculture Pronunciation
s. apicultura (f)
English - French - apiculture Pronunciation
n. apiculture, technique de l'élevage et du soin des abeilles en vue d'obtenir le miel et la cire
English - German - apiculture Pronunciation
n. Apikultur, Bienenhaltung
English - Italian - apiculture Pronunciation
s. apicoltura, apicultura, allevamento di api da miele
English - Portuguese - apiculture Pronunciation
s. apicultura
English - Russian - apiculture Pronunciation
с. пчеловодство
English - Turkish - apiculture Pronunciation
i. arıcılık
French - English - apiculture Pronunciation
(f) n. beekeeping, apiculture
English - Dutch - apiculture Pronunciation
zn. het houden van bijen, apicultuur
English - Greek - apiculture Pronunciation
ουσ. μελισσοκομία
French - Spanish - apiculture Pronunciation
(général) apicultura (f)
French - German - apiculture Pronunciation
n. imkerei, imker
French - Italian - apiculture Pronunciation
(général) apicoltura (f)
French - Portuguese - apiculture Pronunciation
(général) apicultura (f)
French - Russian - apiculture Pronunciation
n. пчеловодство (f)
French - Turkish - apiculture Pronunciation
[la] arıcılık
French - Dutch - apiculture Pronunciation
(général) bijenteelt (m/f); apicultuur (f); apikultuur (f)
English - Chinese - apiculture Pronunciation
n. 养蜂业 (yang3 feng1 ye4)
English - Chinese - apiculture Pronunciation
n. 養蜂業 (yang3 feng1 ye4)
English - Japanese - apiculture Pronunciation
(名) 養蜂
noun: the cultivation of bees on a commercial scale for the production of honey
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