n. something which is attached or added; supplement
English - Spanish - appendage Pronunciation
s. apéndice, adéndum, aditamento, adjunto, afijo, anexión, añadidura, rama
English - French - appendage Pronunciation
n. accessoire; annexe; addition
English - German - appendage Pronunciation
n. Anhängsel; Anhang
English - Italian - appendage Pronunciation
s. aggiunta, supplemento
English - Portuguese - appendage Pronunciation
s. anexo, suplemento
English - Russian - appendage Pronunciation
с. придаток, привесок, приложение, прибавление
English - Turkish - appendage Pronunciation
i. ilave, ek, katkı, uzantı, başkasına muhtaç kimse, askıntı
English - Albanian - appendage Pronunciation
n. shtesë, shtojcë
English - Dutch - appendage Pronunciation
zn. aanhangsel
English - Greek - appendage Pronunciation
ουσ. προσάρτημα, παράρτημα
English - Chinese - appendage Pronunciation
(名) 附加物; 附属肢体
English - Chinese - appendage Pronunciation
(名) 附加物; 附屬肢體
English - Japanese - appendage Pronunciation
(名) 付加物; 付属器官
English - Korean - appendage Pronunciation
명. 부가물, 부속 기관
noun: a part that is joined to something larger
noun: an external body part that projects from the body
noun: a natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant

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Synonyms for appendage
1. extremity: limb, extension, member, tentacle, leg
2. accessory: addendum, addition, adjunct, attachment, appendix, appurtenance