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English English - Definition of appliance 
n. tool, gadget; device, apparatus
Spanish English To Spanish - appliance 
s. aparato, accesorio, artefacto, dispositivo, electrodoméstico, utensilio
French English To French - appliance 
n. outil; appareil, instrument; accessoire, gadget, dispositif; engin
German English To German - appliance 
n. Apparat, Gerät
Italian English To Italian - appliance 
s. apparecchio, congegno, dispositivo, strumento, arnese; elettrodomestico; applicazione, somministrazione
Portuguese English To Portuguese - appliance 
s. ferramenta
Russian English To Russian - appliance 
с. приспособление, устройство, прибор; электрический бытовой прибор; применение
Turkish English To Turkish - appliance 
i. alet, araç, cihaz
Albanian English To Albanian - appliance 
n. zbatim, aplikim
Dutch English To Dutch - appliance 
zn. toestel, apparaat; gereedschap
Greek English To Greek - appliance 
ουσ. εφαρμογή, συσκευή, όργανο
ChineseS English To ChineseS - appliance 
(名) 器具, 用具; 应用, 使用; 设备, 装置; 救火车
ChineseT English To ChineseT - appliance 
(名) 器具, 用具; 應用, 使用; 設備, 裝置; 救火車
Japanese English To Japanese - appliance 
(名) 器具, 装置
Korean English To Korean - appliance 
명. 기구; 장치
noun: durable goods for home or office use
noun: a device that is very useful for a particular job


 Synonyms for appliance
1. apparatus: contrivance, adjunct, machine, appurtenance, device, mechanism, resource
2. application: exercise, practice, use

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