Definition of appliance Pronunciation
1. The act of applying; application.
2. An implement, an instrument or apparatus designed (or at least used) as a means to a specific end (often specified).
3. Specifically: A non-manual apparatus or device, powered electrically or by another small motor, used in homes to perform domestic functions (household appliance) and/or in offices.
4. An attachment, some equipment (or - piece) to adapt another tool or machine to such specific purpose
When the boy hid father's feared cane, his bum soon found out the hard way how many sturdy appliances at home can double as perfectly painful spanking appliance
5. A compliance
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English - English - appliance Pronunciation
n. tool, gadget; device, apparatus
English - Spanish - appliance Pronunciation
s. aparato, accesorio, artefacto, dispositivo, electrodoméstico, utensilio
English - French - appliance Pronunciation
n. outil; appareil, instrument; accessoire, gadget, dispositif; engin
English - German - appliance Pronunciation
n. Apparat, Gerät
English - Indonesian - appliance Pronunciation
n. alat, perkakas, pesawat, perlengkapan
English - Italian - appliance Pronunciation
s. apparecchio, congegno, dispositivo, strumento, arnese; elettrodomestico; applicazione, somministrazione
English - Polish - appliance Pronunciation
n. przyrząd, urządzenie, aparat, instrument, zastosowanie
English - Portuguese - appliance Pronunciation
s. ferramenta
English - Romanian - appliance Pronunciation
n. dispozitiv, instrument, aparat, instalaţie, aplicare
English - Russian - appliance Pronunciation
с. приспособление, устройство, прибор; электрический бытовой прибор; применение
English - Turkish - appliance Pronunciation
i. alet, araç, cihaz
English - Ukrainian - appliance Pronunciation
n. пристосування, прилад, прилад: електричний побутовий прилад, застосування, використання, пристрій
English - Dutch - appliance Pronunciation
zn. toestel, apparaat; gereedschap
English - Greek - appliance Pronunciation
ουσ. εφαρμογή, συσκευή, όργανο
English - Arabic - appliance Pronunciation
‏وسيلة، جهاز، أداة‏
English - Chinese - appliance Pronunciation
(名) 器具, 用具; 应用, 使用; 设备, 装置; 救火车
English - Chinese - appliance Pronunciation
(名) 器具, 用具; 應用, 使用; 設備, 裝置; 救火車
English - Hindi - appliance Pronunciation
n. उपकरण, उपाय, तदबीर
English - Japanese - appliance Pronunciation
(名) 器具, 装置
English - Korean - appliance Pronunciation
명. 기구; 장치
English - Vietnamese - appliance Pronunciation
n. đơn xin, đồ thiết bị, đồ trang trí

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Synonyms for appliance
1. apparatus: contrivance, adjunct, machine, appurtenance, device, mechanism, resource
2. application: exercise, practice, use