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English English - Definition of approximately 
adv. nearly
Spanish English To Spanish - approximately 
adv. aproximadamente, a ojo, apenas, casi, en líneas generales, estimadamente, más o menos
French English To French - approximately 
adv. approximativement; à peu près
German English To German - approximately 
adv. ungefähr
Italian English To Italian - approximately 
avv. approssimativamente, circa
Portuguese English To Portuguese - approximately 
adv. aproximadamente
Russian English To Russian - approximately 
нареч. приближенно, приблизительно, ориентировочно, почти
Turkish English To Turkish - approximately 
zf. yaklaşık olarak, aşağı yukarı, tahminen, takriben
Albanian English To Albanian - approximately 
adv. përafërsisht
Dutch English To Dutch - approximately 
bw. circa, ongeveer
Greek English To Greek - approximately 
επίρ. περίπου
ChineseS English To ChineseS - approximately 
(副) 大概; 近乎
ChineseT English To ChineseT - approximately 
(副) 大概; 近乎
Japanese English To Japanese - approximately 
(副) おおよそ; だいたい
Korean English To Korean - approximately 
부. 대략
adverb: (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct Example:Lasted approximately an hour.


 Synonyms for approximately
almost: about, roughly, nearly, all but, in round numbers, generally, thereabouts

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