Definition of apt Pronunciation
1. Initialism of automation presses tooling
2. Initialism of advanced packaging tool
3. Initialism of advanced passenger train
4. The US Postal Service prefers APT, but Apt. is also seen
5. Initialism of arbitrage pricing theory
6. Initialism of automatically programmed tool
Proper Noun
7. Initialism of Alabama Public Television
8. Initialism of American Public Television
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English - English - apt Pronunciation
adj. suitable, appropriate; able to learn quickly, intelligent
English - Spanish - apt Pronunciation
adj. apropiado, adecuado, aparejado, apto, capaz, competente; dotado; atinado; propenso, con tendencia, proclive; acertado, conveniente
English - French - apt Pronunciation
adj. apte; qui a des dispositions pour
English - German - apt Pronunciation
adj. passend; schnell begreifend
English - Italian - apt Pronunciation
agg. soggetto, portato, che ha tendenza; propenso, proclive; adatto, appropriato; sveglio, pronto, intelligente
English - Portuguese - apt Pronunciation
adj. capaz; competente; apropriado
English - Russian - apt Pronunciation
прил. подходящий, уместный, соответствующий, склонный, способный, подверженный, вероятный, возможный
English - Turkish - apt Pronunciation
s. uygun, yerinde, eğilimli, eğimli, zeki
English - Dutch - apt Pronunciation
bn. geneigd; passend; vlug
English - Greek - apt Pronunciation
επίθ. κατάλληλος, επιρρεπής, ικανός
English - Chinese - apt Pronunciation
(形) 有...倾向的, 易于...的
English - Chinese - apt Pronunciation
(形) 有...傾向的, 易於...的
English - Japanese - apt Pronunciation
(形) しがちな; しそうな; 利発な; ふさわしい
English - Korean - apt Pronunciation
형. 적절한; 재기있는, 총기있는
German - Chinese - apt Pronunciation

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Synonyms for apt
1. adroit: competent, adept, bright, able, talented, gifted, proficient
2. inclined: prone, disposed, likely, tending, given, liable, probable
3. appropriate: consistent, apropos, suitable, fitting, opportune, well-suited, befitting