Definition of arrangement Pronunciation
1. An orderly grouping (of things or persons) considered as a unit; the result of arranging.
2. A piece of music that has been adapted for performance by a particular set of voices or instruments.
3. An organized structure for arranging or classifying.
He changed the arrangement of the topics.
4. The thing arranged or agreed to.
5. The spatial property of the way in which something is placed.
The arrangement of the furniture.
6. The act of arranging and adapting a piece of music.
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English - English - arrangement Pronunciation
n. organization; order
n. arrangement, order
n. arrangement, appointment; disposal, disposition; arranging; shaping, settlement, composition; orderliness, understanding
English - Spanish - arrangement Pronunciation
s. acomodamiento, acomodación, acomodo, configuración, conjugación, disposición, distribución, orden, ordenación; arreglo, componenda
English - French - arrangement Pronunciation
n. organisation; ordre; arrangement
English - German - arrangement Pronunciation
n. Ordnung, Einrichtung
English - Italian - arrangement Pronunciation
s. sistemazione, disposizione, ordinamento; accordo, accomodamento, intesa; composizione; congegno, dispositivo, (fam) aggeggio; (Mus) arrangiamento, trascrizione, adattamento
English - Portuguese - arrangement Pronunciation
s. arranjo; disposição; acomodação
English - Russian - arrangement Pronunciation
с. приведение в порядок; план, договоренность, договор, соглашение; приготовление, расстановка, установка; механизм; переделка, приспособление; расположение; аранжировка, монтаж [тех.]
English - Turkish - arrangement Pronunciation
i. düzenleme, ayarlama; diziliş, düzen, tertip, sıra, sıralama, hazırlık, aranjman, anlaşma, plan,
French - English - arrangement Pronunciation
(m) n. arrangement, appointment; disposal, disposition; arranging; shaping, settlement, composition; orderliness, understanding
German - English - arrangement Pronunciation
n. organization; order
Dutch - English - arrangement Pronunciation
n. arrangement, setting; order; organization
English - Dutch - arrangement Pronunciation
zn. schikking; afspraak; arrangement
English - Greek - arrangement Pronunciation
ουσ. διευθέτηση, συμφωνία, κανονισμός
French - Spanish - arrangement Pronunciation
1. (général) disposición (f); arreglo (m) 2. (architecture) trazado (m); disposición (f)
3. (musique) arreglo (m) 4. (compromis) arreglo (m); acuerdo (m); convenio (m)
5. (disposition) disposición (f); orden (m); arreglo (m)
German - Spanish - arrangement Pronunciation
n. arreglo (m), apaño (m), apuntación (f)
French - German - arrangement Pronunciation
n. organisation, durchführung, zusammenstellung, einrichtung, aufteilung, stellung, vereinbarung, übereinkunft, zusammenstellen, zurechtmachen, arrangement
French - Italian - arrangement Pronunciation
1. (général) disposizione (f) 2. (architecture) posizione (f); disposizione (f)
3. (musique) arrangiamento (m) 4. (compromis) accordo (m); accomodamento (m)
5. (disposition) disposizione (f); sistemazione (f); ordinamento (m)
French - Portuguese - arrangement Pronunciation
1. (général) disposição (f); ordem (f) 2. (architecture) planta (f); projeto (m)
3. (musique) arranjo (m) 4. (compromis) acordo (m); combinado (m); concórdia (f)
5. (disposition) disposição (f); arranjo (m); ordem (f)
French - Russian - arrangement Pronunciation
n. приведение в порядок (m), устройство (m), установка (m), расстановка (m), расположение (m), размещение (m), ранжирование (m), компоновка (m), составление (m), придание формы (m), соглашение (m), сделка (m), аранжировка (m)
French - Turkish - arrangement Pronunciation
[le] düzeltme, onarma; uzlaşma
German - French - arrangement Pronunciation
n. adaptation (f), organisation (f), composition (f), arrangement (m)
German - Italian - arrangement Pronunciation
n. disposizione (f), adattamento (m), preparativo (m)
German - Turkish - arrangement Pronunciation
i. düzenlenme (n), anlaşma (n), işleme (n)
Dutch - French - arrangement Pronunciation
1. (onderhandeling) marché (m); affaire (f)
2. (muziek) arrangement (m)
French - Dutch - arrangement Pronunciation
1. (général) ordening (f); schikking (f) 2. (architecture) indeling (f)
3. (musique) arrangement (n) 4. (compromis) schikking (f); overeenkomst (f); vergelijk (n)
5. (disposition) plaatsing (f); schikking (f); ordening (f); rangschikking (f)
English - Chinese - arrangement Pronunciation
(名) 安排; 约定, 非正式协议; 准备工作; 调停
English - Chinese - arrangement Pronunciation
(名) 安排; 約定, 非正式協定; 準備工作; 調停
English - Japanese - arrangement Pronunciation
(名) 配列; 整理; 準備; 取り決め
English - Korean - arrangement Pronunciation
명. 정돈, 정리; 배치
German - Chinese - arrangement Pronunciation
[das] pl.Arrangements 安排。布置。布置得美观的东西(尤其指花)。(音乐)改编。商定。协议。

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