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English Portuguese To English - arranque 
n. start, dash, impulse, pull, jolt
English Spanish To English - arranque 
[arranque (m)] n. jerk, sudden start; dash; outbreak; blaze; spasm
French Portuguese To French - arranque 
1. (automóveis) démarreur (m)
2. (esportes) élan (m)
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - arranque 
n. 衝撞 (chong4 zhuang4), 發作 (fa1 zuo4), 抽動 (chou1 dong4)
French Spanish To French - arranque 
1. (deportes - gimnasia) envol (m)
2. (rabia) vague (f); montée (f)
3. (automóviles) démarreur (m) 4. (técnico) bouton de démarrage
German Spanish To German - arranque 
n. ausreißen, ruck, start, anlauf, anlaufen, anlasser, anspringen, ausbruch, schwung, regung, anwandlung
Korean Spanish To Korean - arranque 
n. 폭발, 출격, 갑자기 홱 잡아당기기, 충동
Russian Spanish To Russian - arranque 
n. пуск, порыв


 Synonyms for arranque
arranco: extração,

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