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English English - Definition of arrears 
n. overdue payments, unpaid debts
Spanish English To Spanish - arrears 
s. atrasos, deuda atrasada, retrasos
French English To French - arrears 
n. arriérés de paiement
German English To German - arrears 
[arrear] n. Zahlungsrückstand
n. Zahlungsrückstände
Italian English To Italian - arrears 
s. arretrati; lavoro arretrato; retroguardia
Portuguese English To Portuguese - arrears 
s. atrasados (pagamentos)
Russian English To Russian - arrears 
с. задолженность, отставание, недоимка, долги
Turkish English To Turkish - arrears 
i. borç, kalan, ödemesi gecikmiş borçlar, bakiye
Albanian English To Albanian - arrears 
n. vonesë, prapambetje, punë e pakryer, borxh
Dutch English To Dutch - arrears 
zn. achterstand
Greek English To Greek - arrears 
ουσ. καθυστερούμενα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - arrears 
(名) 迟延; 拖延, 耽搁; 欠款; 待完成的事
ChineseT English To ChineseT - arrears 
(名) 遲延; 拖延, 耽擱; 欠款; 待完成的事
Japanese English To Japanese - arrears 
(名) 滞納金; 滞り
(名) 滞り; 滞った仕事; 未払い金
Korean English To Korean - arrears 
명. 밀림, 미불
noun: an unpaid overdue debt
noun: the state of being behind in payments Example:An account in arrears.


 Synonyms for arrears
debt: debit, liability, balance, arrearage, account, remainder, pledge

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