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English English - Definition of arrogant 
adj. conceited, haughty, proud
adj. arrogant, conceited, haughty, proud, feeling pride, feeling satisfaction; high-nosed, snobby; obnoxious, annoying
adv. arrogantly, in a conceited manner, loftily, haughtily, proudly, conceitedly, snobbishly, superciliously
Spanish English To Spanish - arrogant 
adj. arrogante, altanero, altivo, avalentonado, creído, endiosado, engallado, engreído, ensoberbecido, envanecido, fachendista, fachendón, fachendoso, fanfarrón, inmodesto, jactancioso, matamoros
French English To French - arrogant 
adj. arrogant
German English To German - arrogant 
adj. überheblich, arrogant
Italian English To Italian - arrogant 
agg. arrogante, altezzoso, tracotante
Portuguese English To Portuguese - arrogant 
adj. arrogante; insolente
Russian English To Russian - arrogant 
прил. высокомерный, надменный, заносчивый, самонадеянный, кичливый
Turkish English To Turkish - arrogant 
s. kendini beğenmiş, gururlu, kibirli, küstah, haddini bilmez, mağrur (küstahça)
English French To English - arrogant 
adj. arrogant; assumptive; immodest, conceited; haughty, insolent, overbearing; perky, proud, pushful
English German To English - arrogant 
adj. conceited, haughty, proud
English Albanian To English - arrogant 
n. jackanapes
adj. arrogant, haughty, imperious, cavalier, lordly, pushful, pushing
English Dutch To English - arrogant 
adv. arrogantly, conceitedly, haughtily, proudly
Albanian English To Albanian - arrogant 
adj. arrogant, mendjemadh, pacipë: i pacipë, kryelartë
Dutch English To Dutch - arrogant 
bn. arrogant
Greek English To Greek - arrogant 
επίθ. αγέρωχος, αλαζονικός, αυθάδης, αλαζών
French Dutch To French - arrogant 
(gedrag) arrogant; hautain; altier; suffisant; orgueilleux; vaniteux; prétentieux; présomptueux; désinvolte; sans-gêne; outrecuidant
Dutch French To Dutch - arrogant 
(conduite) arrogant; aanmatigend; verwaand; hoogmoedig; hovaardig; laatdunkend; opdringerig; vrijpostig
Dutch German To Dutch - arrogant 
ChineseS English To ChineseS - arrogant 
(形) 傲慢的; 自负的; 自大的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - arrogant 
(形) 傲慢的; 自負的; 自大的
Japanese English To Japanese - arrogant 
(形) 傲慢な
Korean English To Korean - arrogant 
형. 거만한, 건방진
German French To German - arrogant 
adj. arrogant, hochnäsig, überheblich, hochmütig, anmaßend
Italian French To Italian - arrogant 
(conduite) arrogante; superbo; altezzoso; sprezzante
Portuguese French To Portuguese - arrogant 
(conduite) arrogante; presunçoso; altivo; convencido; metido; orgulhoso pej.; insistente
Russian French To Russian - arrogant 
n. выскочка (m)
a. высокомерный, надменный, заносчивый, самодовольный, экспансивный, тщеславный
Spanish French To Spanish - arrogant 
(conduite) arrogante; altanero; presumido; soberbio; altivo; molesto
Turkish French To Turkish - arrogant 
kibirli; gururlu arroger
ChineseS German To ChineseS - arrogant 
adj. adv. 傲慢的。狂妄自大的。
French German To French - arrogant 
adj. arrogant
Italian German To Italian - arrogant 
adj. arrogante, insolente
Russian German To Russian - arrogant 
adj. надменный, заносчивый, высокомерный
Spanish German To Spanish - arrogant 
adj. arrogante, presumido, creído
Turkish German To Turkish - arrogant 
s. kibirli, küstah
adjective: having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride Example:An arrogant official.


 Synonyms for arrogant
fat-headed: inflated, big, pretentious, boastful, self-important, conceited, haughty

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