Definition of artery Pronunciation
1. An efferent blood vessel from the heart, conveying blood away from the heart regardless of oxygenation status; see pulmonary artery.
2. A major transit corridor.
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English - English - artery Pronunciation
n. blood vessel that carries oxygen-rich blood away from the heart; main road leading into a city
English - Spanish - artery Pronunciation
s. arteria
English - French - artery Pronunciation
n. artère; route principale
English - German - artery Pronunciation
n. Schlag-oder Pulsader, Arterie; Verkehrsader
English - Italian - artery Pronunciation
s. (Anat) arteria; importante via di comunicazione
English - Portuguese - artery Pronunciation
s. artéria; passagem (de comunicação, transporte)
English - Russian - artery Pronunciation
с. артерия; магистраль, главный путь
English - Turkish - artery Pronunciation
i. arter, atardamar; anacadde, anayol, nehir
English - Dutch - artery Pronunciation
zn. slagader; hoofdverkeersweg
English - Greek - artery Pronunciation
ουσ. αρτηρία
English - Chinese - artery Pronunciation
(名) 动脉; 主渠道; 干线, 要道
English - Chinese - artery Pronunciation
(名) 動脈; 主渠道; 幹線, 要道
English - Japanese - artery Pronunciation
(名) 動脈; 幹線
English - Korean - artery Pronunciation
명. 동맥; 주요 도로

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Synonyms for artery
1. blood vessel: vein, capillary, aorta, tube
2. thoroughfare: highway, main road, conduit, passage