Definition of ask Pronunciation
1. To request (information, or an answer to a question).
I asked her age.
2. To put forward (a question) to be answered.
To ask a question
3. To interrogate or enquire of (a person).
I'm going to ask this lady for directions.
4. To request or petition; usually with for.
To ask for a second helping at dinner
To ask for help with homework
5. To require, demand, claim, or expect, whether by way of remuneration or return, or as a matter of necessity.
What price are you asking for the house?
6. To invite.
Don't ask them to the wedding.
7. To publish in church for marriage; said of both the banns and the persons.
8. To take (a person's situation) as an example.
9. An act or instance of asking.
10. Something asked or asked for; a request.
11. An asking price.
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English - English - ask Pronunciation
v. inquire, question
adj. amorous
n. love, amour, adoration, crush, passion, gallantry
English - Spanish - ask Pronunciation
v. preguntar, indagar, inquirir; pedir, decir, requerir, rogar; interrogar; invitar
English - French - ask Pronunciation
v. demander
English - German - ask Pronunciation
v. fragen
English - Indonesian - ask Pronunciation
v. tanya, menanya, menanyai, menanyakan, bertanya, menegas, mengaju, menegur, minta, meminta, memintakan, mohon, memohon, memohonkan, memperbahasakan, minta tolong, menuntut, menyilakan, mempersilakan, mempersudikan, menawar, menawarkan
English - Italian - ask Pronunciation
v. domandare, chiedere; volere; invitare
English - Polish - ask Pronunciation
v. zapytać, dopytać, dowiadywać się, informować się, popytać, pytać, poprosić, prosić, uprosić, zapraszać, zapytywać, dopytywać, upraszać, zaprosić
English - Portuguese - ask Pronunciation
v. perguntar; pedir; exigir; convidar
English - Romanian - ask Pronunciation
v. întreba, chestiona, cere, cere să vorbească, cere să vadă, ruga, cerceta, reclama, publica, necesita, interesa: se interesa, invita, pofti, consulta, chema
English - Russian - ask Pronunciation
г. спрашивать, осведомляться; хотеть видеть; просить, попросить, попроситься, запросить, требовать; приглашать
English - Turkish - ask Pronunciation
f. sormak, istemek, rica etmek, soru sormak, davet etmek, hak etmek; aranmak; kaşınmak
English - Ukrainian - ask Pronunciation
v. питати, запитувати, довідуватися, спитати, бачити: хотіти бачити, просити, попросити, запрошувати, вимагати, призначати ціну, прохати
Turkish - English - ask
ask, Ask
English - Dutch - ask Pronunciation
ww. vragen; verzoeken; uitnodigen
English - Greek - ask Pronunciation
ρήμ. ερωτώ, ζητώ, παρακαλώ
English - Arabic - ask Pronunciation
‏سأل، طلب، إلتمس، تطلب‏
English - Chinese - ask Pronunciation
(动) 问; 请求; 询问; 要求; 询问; 要求; 问
English - Chinese - ask Pronunciation
(動) 問; 請求; 詢問; 要求; 詢問; 要求; 問
English - Hindi - ask Pronunciation
v. पूछना, पूछ-ताछ करना, याचना करना, मांगना, साग्रह प्रार्थना करना, कार्य देना
English - Japanese - ask Pronunciation
(動) 尋ねる; 頼む; 要求する
English - Korean - ask Pronunciation
동. ...에게 ...을 묻다;청하다, 청구하다
English - Vietnamese - ask Pronunciation
v. hỏi, xin, yêu cầu, thỉnh cầu, hỏi thăm, mời người nào, thỉnh nguyện, xin lổi người nào, xin phép người nào

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Synonyms for ask
1. appeal for: appeal, request, seek, beg, desire, beseech, entreat
2. inquire: query, interrogate, survey, examine, question, interrogation
3. demand: claim, call for, impose, exact, expect, require, desire
4. invite: call in, suggest, urge, prompt, beckon
5. anticipate: await, hope for, foresee
Verb forms for ask
Present participle: asking
Present: ask (3.person: asks)
Past: asked
Future: will ask
Present conditional: would ask
Present Perfect: have asked (3.person: has asked)
Past Perfect: had asked
Future Perfect: will have asked
Past conditional: would have asked