Definition of assail Pronunciation
1. To attack violently using words or force.
Muggers assailed them as they entered an alley.
For the next six months or so those children will assail her in public with demands for an improper story! (from H.H. Munro's short story, "The Storyteller").
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English - English - assail Pronunciation
v. assault, attack, set upon
English - Spanish - assail Pronunciation
v. arremeter; atacar, acometer contra, agredir, asaltar, embestir, invadir, tomar por asalto
English - French - assail Pronunciation
v. assaillir; envahir, agresser, attaquer; harceler
English - German - assail Pronunciation
v. bestürmen, angreifen
English - Indonesian - assail Pronunciation
v. menyerang, menyerbu, membantah
English - Italian - assail Pronunciation
v. assalire, attaccare, assaltare, dare l'assalto a; aggredire, investire; affrontare decisamente
English - Polish - assail Pronunciation
v. nalatywać, napadać, rzucać się, zaatakować, atakować, napastować, bombardować, energicznie: zabierać się energicznie, zasypać pytaniami, nalecieć, napasać, napasywać, napaść
English - Portuguese - assail Pronunciation
v. assaltar, atacar, arremeter
English - Romanian - assail Pronunciation
v. asalta, invada, lovi
English - Russian - assail Pronunciation
г. наступать, атаковать, нападать, резко критиковать
English - Turkish - assail Pronunciation
f. saldırmak, hücum etmek; dil uzatmak
English - Ukrainian - assail Pronunciation
v. атакувати, наступати, засипати, критикувати: різко критикувати, накидатися, нагабати, накинутися, нападати, натирати
English - Dutch - assail Pronunciation
ww. aanvallen, overvallen
English - Greek - assail Pronunciation
ρήμ. προσβάλλω, επιτίθεμαι εναντίον, επιτίθεμαι
English - Arabic - assail Pronunciation
‏هاجم بعنف، غير على‏
English - Chinese - assail Pronunciation
(动) 质问; 攻击
English - Chinese - assail Pronunciation
(動) 質問; 攻擊
English - Hindi - assail Pronunciation
v. आक्रमण करना, धावा बोलना, छापा मारना, पिल पड़ना
English - Japanese - assail Pronunciation
(動) 攻撃する
English - Korean - assail Pronunciation
동. 습격하다, 공격하다, 엄습하다, 비난하다
English - Vietnamese - assail Pronunciation
v. xông vào đánh, tấn công, công kích

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Synonyms for assail
1. revile: denounce, vituperate, belabour, criticise, criticize, impugn, malign, vilify
2. assault: attack, beset, storm, charge, set upon, raid, fall upon
Verb forms for assail
Present participle: assailing
Present: assail (3.person: assails)
Past: assailed
Future: will assail
Present conditional: would assail
Present Perfect: have assailed (3.person: has assailed)
Past Perfect: had assailed
Future Perfect: will have assailed
Past conditional: would have assailed