English - Definiton of assail Pronunciation
v. assault, attack, set upon
English - Spanish - assail Pronunciation
v. arremeter; atacar, acometer contra, agredir, asaltar, embestir, invadir, tomar por asalto
English - French - assail Pronunciation
v. assaillir; envahir, agresser, attaquer; harceler
English - German - assail Pronunciation
v. bestürmen, angreifen
English - Italian - assail Pronunciation
v. assalire, attaccare, assaltare, dare l'assalto a; aggredire, investire; affrontare decisamente
English - Portuguese - assail Pronunciation
v. assaltar, atacar, arremeter
English - Russian - assail Pronunciation
г. наступать, атаковать, нападать, резко критиковать
English - Turkish - assail Pronunciation
f. saldırmak, hücum etmek; dil uzatmak
English - Albanian - assail Pronunciation
v. sulmoj, mbyt
English - Dutch - assail Pronunciation
ww. aanvallen, overvallen
English - Greek - assail Pronunciation
ρήμ. προσβάλλω, επιτίθεμαι εναντίον, επιτίθεμαι
English - Chinese - assail Pronunciation
(动) 质问; 攻击
English - Chinese - assail Pronunciation
(動) 質問; 攻擊
English - Japanese - assail Pronunciation
(動) 攻撃する
English - Korean - assail Pronunciation
동. 습격하다, 공격하다, 엄습하다, 비난하다
verb: attack someone physically or emotionally Example:Nightmares assailed him regularly.
verb: launch an attack or assault on; begin hostilities or start warfare with Example:Serbian forces assailed Bosnian towns all week.
verb: attack in speech or writing

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Synonyms for assail
1. revile: denounce, vituperate, belabour, criticise, criticize, impugn, malign, vilify
2. assault: attack, beset, storm, charge, set upon, raid, fall upon
Verb forms for assail
Present participle: assailing
Present: assail (3.person: assails)
Past: assailed
Future: will assail
Present conditional: would assail
Present Perfect: have assailed (3.person: has assailed)
Past Perfect: had assailed
Future Perfect: will have assailed
Past conditional: would have assailed