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English English - Definition of association 
n. organization; society; union; coalition; connection of ideas
n. association, organization; society; union; coalition; connection of ideas
n. association, organization; union; society; assembly, collectivity; partnership, brotherhood; combination, council, fellowship
Spanish English To Spanish - association 
s. asociación, agrupación, alianza, club, colegio, consorcio, cooperativa, corporación, entidad, junta, mancomunidad, sociedad; relación, asocio, conexión; asociamiento, afiliación, colectivización
French English To French - association 
n. association, société; union; connotation; association d'idée
German English To German - association 
n. Verein; Gesellschaft, Firma; Zusammenarbeit; Verbindung; Assoziation
Italian English To Italian - association 
s. associazione, sodalizio; amicizia, familiarità; connessione; ricordo, connotazione; (Sport) calcio
Portuguese English To Portuguese - association 
s. associação; sociedade; companhia; união; junção
Russian English To Russian - association 
с. ассоциация, объединение, соединение, союз, связь, общение, общество, близость, дружба, жизненное сообщество
Turkish English To Turkish - association 
i. birleşme, ortaklık, işbirliği, iştirak, dernek, çağrıştırma; arkadaşlık; akla getirme
English French To English - association 
(f) n. association, organization; union; society; assembly, collectivity; partnership, brotherhood; combination, council, fellowship
Albanian English To Albanian - association 
n. shoqëri, shoqatë, asociacion [psik.]
Dutch English To Dutch - association 
zn. genootschap, vereniging; associatie; gemeenschap
Greek English To Greek - association 
ουσ. εταιρία, όμιλος, συνεταιρισμός, σχέση, σύνδεσμος
Dutch French To Dutch - association 
1. (idée) verband (n); connectie (f); relatie (f); samenhang (m)
2. (compagnie) deelgenootschap (n); copartnership (n); vennootschap (n)
3. (organisation) vereniging (f); bond (m); associatie (f); genootschap (n); liga (m/f) 4. (combinaison) combinatie (f); verenigen (n); verbinden (n)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - association 
(名) 协会, 公会, 社团; 结合, 联合; 联盟; 交往
ChineseT English To ChineseT - association 
(名) 協會, 公會, 社團; 結合, 聯合; 聯盟; 交往
Japanese English To Japanese - association 
(名) 組合; 連盟; 協会; 連合; 交際
Korean English To Korean - association 
명. 협회, 조합; ...회; 모임; 관념 연합
German French To German - association 
n. vereinigung, verbindung, assoziation, organisation, bund, zusammenschluss, verein, verbund, verband, dachverband
Italian French To Italian - association 
1. (idée) connessione (f); associazione (f); rapporto (m); relazione (f)
2. (compagnie) associazione (f); società (f)
3. (organisation) organizzazione (f); associazione (f); lega (f); società {invariable} 4. (combinaison) combinazione (f); unione (f); associazione (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - association 
1. (idée) conexão (f); associação (f); relação (f)
2. (compagnie) sociedade (f)
3. (organisation) organização (f); associação (f); liga (f); sociedade (f) 4. (combinaison) combinação (f); união (f); junção (f); mistura (f)
Russian French To Russian - association 
n. ассоциация (f), компания (f), общество (f), совет (организация) (f), соединение (f), товарищество (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - association 
1. (idée) conexión (f); asociación (f); relación (f)
2. (compagnie) asociación (f); sociedad (f)
3. (organisation) organización (f); asociación (f); sociedad (f); liga (f) 4. (combinaison) combinación (f); unión (f); composición (f); conjunción (f); mezcla (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - association 
[la] dernek, cemiyet; ortaklık; birlik, topluluk
noun: the act of consorting with or joining with others Example:You cannot be convicted of criminal guilt by association.
noun: the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination Example:Conditioning is a form of learning by association.
noun: (ecology) a group of organisms (plants and animals) that live together in a certain geographical region and constitute a community with a few dominant species
noun: a formal organization of people or groups of people Example:He join


 Synonyms for association
1. relationship: friendship, affinity, companionship, fraternisation, fraternization, fellowship, brotherhood, intimacy
2. alliance: coalition, brotherhood, corporation, organisation, organization, league, club, company
3. mental connection: relation, recollection, correlation, impression, combination, remembrance, response

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