Definition of association Pronunciation
1. The act of consorting with or joining with others.
2. (ecology) a group of organisms (plants and animals) that live together in a certain geographical region and constitute a community with a few dominant species.
3. A formal organization of people or groups of people.
4. The process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination.
5. (chemistry) any process of combination (especially in solution) that depends on relatively weak chemical bonding.
6. A social or business relationship.
7. A relation resulting from interaction or dependence.
Flints were found in association with the prehistoric remains of the bear.
The host is not always injured by association with a parasite.
8. The state of being connected together as in memory or imagination.
His association of his father with being beaten was too strong to break.
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English - English - association Pronunciation
n. organization; society; union; coalition; connection of ideas
n. association, organization; society; union; coalition; connection of ideas
English - Spanish - association Pronunciation
s. asociación, agrupación, alianza, club, colegio, consorcio, cooperativa, corporación, entidad, junta, mancomunidad, sociedad; relación, asocio, conexión; asociamiento, afiliación, colectivización
English - French - association Pronunciation
n. association, société; union; connotation; association d'idée
English - German - association Pronunciation
n. Verein; Gesellschaft, Firma; Zusammenarbeit; Verbindung; Assoziation
English - Italian - association Pronunciation
s. associazione, sodalizio; amicizia, familiarità; connessione; ricordo, connotazione; (Sport) calcio
English - Portuguese - association Pronunciation
s. associação; sociedade; companhia; união; junção
English - Russian - association Pronunciation
с. ассоциация, объединение, соединение, союз, связь, общение, общество, близость, дружба, жизненное сообщество
English - Turkish - association Pronunciation
i. birleşme, ortaklık, işbirliği, iştirak, dernek, çağrıştırma; arkadaşlık; akla getirme
French - English - association Pronunciation
(f) n. association, organization; union; society; assembly, collectivity; partnership, brotherhood; combination, council, fellowship
English - Dutch - association Pronunciation
zn. genootschap, vereniging; associatie; gemeenschap
English - Greek - association Pronunciation
ουσ. εταιρία, όμιλος, συνεταιρισμός, σχέση, σύνδεσμος
French - Spanish - association Pronunciation
1. (idée) conexión (f); asociación (f); relación (f)
2. (compagnie) asociación (f); sociedad (f)
3. (organisation) organización (f); asociación (f); sociedad (f); liga (f) 4. (combinaison) combinación (f); unión (f); composición (f); conjunción (f); mezcla (f)
French - German - association Pronunciation
n. vereinigung, verbindung, assoziation, organisation, bund, zusammenschluss, verein, verbund, verband, dachverband
French - Italian - association Pronunciation
1. (idée) connessione (f); associazione (f); rapporto (m); relazione (f)
2. (compagnie) associazione (f); società (f)
3. (organisation) organizzazione (f); associazione (f); lega (f); società {invariable} 4. (combinaison) combinazione (f); unione (f); associazione (f)
French - Portuguese - association Pronunciation
1. (idée) conexão (f); associação (f); relação (f)
2. (compagnie) sociedade (f)
3. (organisation) organização (f); associação (f); liga (f); sociedade (f) 4. (combinaison) combinação (f); união (f); junção (f); mistura (f)
French - Russian - association Pronunciation
n. ассоциация (f), компания (f), общество (f), совет (организация) (f), соединение (f), товарищество (f)
French - Turkish - association Pronunciation
[la] dernek, cemiyet; ortaklık; birlik, topluluk
French - Dutch - association Pronunciation
1. (idée) verband (n); connectie (f); relatie (f); samenhang (m)
2. (compagnie) deelgenootschap (n); copartnership (n); vennootschap (n)
3. (organisation) vereniging (f); bond (m); associatie (f); genootschap (n); liga (m/f) 4. (combinaison) combinatie (f); verenigen (n); verbinden (n)
English - Chinese - association Pronunciation
(名) 协会, 公会, 社团; 结合, 联合; 联盟; 交往
English - Chinese - association Pronunciation
(名) 協會, 公會, 社團; 結合, 聯合; 聯盟; 交往
English - Japanese - association Pronunciation
(名) 組合; 連盟; 協会; 連合; 交際
English - Korean - association Pronunciation
명. 협회, 조합; ...회; 모임; 관념 연합

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