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English English - Definition of astound 
v. surprise, amaze, shock
Spanish English To Spanish - astound 
v. asombrar, anonadar, causar asombro, pasmar, sobrecoger, sorprender; ser asombroso
French English To French - astound 
v. stupéfier, sidérer; abasourdir; confondre; frapper de stupeur, être choqué, être sous le choc
German English To German - astound 
v. verblüffen, erstaunen
Italian English To Italian - astound 
v. sbalordire, sopraffare dallo stupore
Portuguese English To Portuguese - astound 
v. impressionar, causar surpresa, espantar
Russian English To Russian - astound 
г. поражать, изумлять
Turkish English To Turkish - astound 
f. şaşırtmak, afallatmak, hayret ettirmek
Albanian English To Albanian - astound 
v. habis, shtang
Dutch English To Dutch - astound 
ww. ontzetten; verbazen
Greek English To Greek - astound 
ρήμ. καταπλήσσω, φοβίζω, θαμβώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - astound 
(动) 使震惊; 使大惊
ChineseT English To ChineseT - astound 
(動) 使震驚; 使大驚
Japanese English To Japanese - astound 
(動) 度肝を抜く
Korean English To Korean - astound 
동. 놀라게 하다, 깜짝 놀라게 하다, 몹시 놀라게 하다


 Synonyms for astound
stagger: amaze, astonish, dumbfound, confound, shock, surprise
Tenses for astound
Present participle: astounding
Present: astound (3.person: astounds)
Past: astounded
Future: will astound
Present conditional: would astound
Present Perfect: have astounded (3.person: has astounded)
Past Perfect: had astounded
Future Perfect: will have astounded
Past conditional: would have astounded

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