Definition of astral Pronunciation
1. Relating to or resembling the stars; starry.
2. Relating to an aster.
Astral rays; astral sphere
3. Relating to a supposed supersensible substance taking the form of an aura discernible to certain gifted individuals.
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English - English - astral Pronunciation
adj. starry, stellar, pertaining to stars
adj. astral, starry
English - Spanish - astral Pronunciation
adj. astral, estelar, sideral, sobrenatural
Spanish - English - astral Pronunciation
adj. astral, starry, stellar, pertaining to stars
English - French - astral Pronunciation
adj. astral, stellaire; céleste
English - German - astral Pronunciation
adj. Stern-
English - Indonesian - astral Pronunciation
a. bintang: yg berhubungan dgn bintang
English - Italian - astral Pronunciation
agg. astrale
English - Polish - astral Pronunciation
a. astralny, gwiezdny
English - Portuguese - astral Pronunciation
adj. astral, de estrelas
English - Romanian - astral Pronunciation
a. astral, stelar
English - Russian - astral Pronunciation
прил. звездный, астральный
English - Turkish - astral Pronunciation
s. yıldız, yıldızlara ait, yıldızlı
English - Ukrainian - astral Pronunciation
n. лампа: астральна лампа
a. зоряний, астральний
French - English - astral Pronunciation
adj. astral, starry
German - English - astral Pronunciation
adj. starry, stellar, pertaining to stars
Portuguese - English - astral Pronunciation
adj. astral, starry, stellar
Romanian - English - astral
a. astral, stellar
English - Dutch - astral Pronunciation
bn. astraal, sterren
English - Greek - astral Pronunciation
επίθ. αστρικός
French - Spanish - astral Pronunciation
(général) astral
Spanish - French - astral Pronunciation
(general) astral
Spanish - Russian - astral Pronunciation
adj. звездный
French - German - astral Pronunciation
adj. astral
French - Italian - astral Pronunciation
(général) astrale
French - Portuguese - astral Pronunciation
(général) estelar; astral
German - French - astral Pronunciation
adj. astral
German - Italian - astral Pronunciation
adj. astrale
German - Russian - astral Pronunciation
adj. звездный, астральный
German - Turkish - astral Pronunciation
s. necmi
Portuguese - French - astral Pronunciation
(geral) astral
French - Dutch - astral Pronunciation
(général) astraal
English - Arabic - astral Pronunciation
‏نجمي، نجمي الشكل، وهمي، كوكبي، رفيع‏
English - Chinese - astral Pronunciation
(形) 星界的, 星的, 多星的
English - Chinese - astral Pronunciation
(形) 星界的, 星的, 多星的
English - Hindi - astral Pronunciation
a. तारा-संबंधी
English - Japanese - astral Pronunciation
(形) 星の
English - Korean - astral Pronunciation
형. 별의
English - Vietnamese - astral Pronunciation
a. thuộc về tinh tú, lạc lối
adv. lầm lổi
Spanish - Korean - astral Pronunciation
adj. 별의

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Synonyms for astral
celestial: astronomical, planetary, heavenly