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English English - Definition of attache 
n. one attached to an official staff (military, diplomatic, etc.)
n. attache, one attached to an official staff
n. Attaché, attache, one attached to an official staff (military, diplomatic, etc.)
Spanish English To Spanish - attache 
s. agregado; afiliado, asistente, ayudante, cónsul, filial
French English To French - attache 
n. attaché (militaire), représentant, délégué (Diplomatique, etc...)
German English To German - attache 
n. Attache (Militär-, usw.)
Italian English To Italian - attache 
s. addetto (per esempio nel servizio militare)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - attache 
s. adido (militar, ec)
Russian English To Russian - attache 
с. атташе, атташе посольства
Turkish English To Turkish - attache 
i. ataşe
English French To English - attache 
(f) n. fastener, clip, tie, tab, tether, brace
English German To English - attache 
n. one attached to an official staff (military, diplomatic, etc.)
English Spanish To English - attache 
n. attache case
Albanian English To Albanian - attache 
n. atashe [dip.]
Dutch English To Dutch - attache 
zn. afgevaardigde, attache (van leger)
Greek English To Greek - attache 
ουσ. ακόλουθος πρεσβείας
Dutch French To Dutch - attache 
1. (dispositif) klem (m/f)
2. (connexion) aanhechting (f); verbinding (f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - attache 
(名) 大使随员, 大使馆馆员
ChineseT English To ChineseT - attache 
(名) 大使隨員, 大使館館員
Japanese English To Japanese - attache 
(名) 随行員; 大使館員
Korean English To Korean - attache 
명. 수행원
German French To German - attache 
n. befestigung, halterung, ranke, aufhänger, handgelenk
Italian French To Italian - attache 
1. (dispositif) morsa (f)
2. (connexion) collegamento (m); attacco (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - attache 
1. (dispositif) braçadeira (f)
2. (connexion) ligação (f); conexão (f)
Russian French To Russian - attache 
n. привязь (f), завязка (f), связка (анат.) (f), крепление (тех.) (f), соединение (тех.) (f), крюк (тех.) (f), скоба-соединитель (тех.) (f), сшивка (для ремня) (тех.) (f), связь (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - attache 
1. (dispositif) abrazadera (f)
2. (connexion) atadura (f); conexión (f); unión (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - attache 
[la] bağ; bilek; bağlılık
ChineseS German To ChineseS - attache 
[der] pl.Attaches 参赞。大使随员。大使馆馆员。
French German To French - attache 
n. attaché (m)
Italian German To Italian - attache 
n. addetto (m)
Russian German To Russian - attache 
n. атташе (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - attache 
n. agregado (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - attache 
i. ataşe (m)
noun: a specialist assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission
noun: a shallow and rectangular briefcase


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