Definition of atticism Pronunciation
1. The style and idiom of Attic, the Ancient Greek dialect
2. A well-turned phrase; a concise manner of speech or expression
3. A favouring of, or attachment to Attica and the Athenians
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English - English - atticism Pronunciation
n. concise and elegant expression; attachment to Athens or Greece
English - German - atticism Pronunciation
n. Attizismus, Orientierung an das antike Griechenland; elegante Ausdrucksweise
English - Indonesian - atticism Pronunciation
n. pengucapan elok
English - Italian - atticism Pronunciation
s. atticismo, parola o costrutto tipico del dialetto attico
English - Polish - atticism Pronunciation
n. attycyzm
English - Portuguese - atticism Pronunciation
s. aticismo, elegância e sobriedade de expressão; ligação com Atenas ou Grécia
English - Romanian - atticism Pronunciation
n. aticism
English - Russian - atticism Pronunciation
с. красивый слог, изящный стиль, изящество выражения
English - Turkish - atticism Pronunciation
i. atina dil özelliği, atika üslubu, güzel konuşma
English - Dutch - atticism Pronunciation
zn. eenvoudige verfijnde wijze van spreken; verbondenheid met Athene of Griekenland
English - Greek - atticism Pronunciation
(Lex). ουσ. αττικισμός, αττικό ιδίωμα
English - Arabic - atticism Pronunciation
‏الخاصية الأتيكية‏
English - Korean - atticism Pronunciation
명. 아테네인
English - Vietnamese - atticism Pronunciation
n. cách phong nhả của ngôn ngữ

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