Definition of attract Pronunciation
1. To pull toward without touching.
A magnet attracts iron filings.
2. To arouse interest.
Advertising is designed to attract customers.
3. To draw by moral, emotional or sexual influence; to engage or fix, as the mind, attention, etc.; to invite or allure.
To attract admirers;   His big smile and brown eyes instantly attracted me.
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English - English - attract Pronunciation
v. pull toward, draw inward
English - Spanish - attract Pronunciation
v. atraer, cautivar; ser atrayente
English - French - attract Pronunciation
v. attirer
English - German - attract Pronunciation
v. ziehen, anziehen
English - Indonesian - attract Pronunciation
v. menarik, memikat, membiusi, membiuskan
English - Italian - attract Pronunciation
v. attirare, attrarre; allettare, affascinare; esercitare un'attrazione; (fig, assol) essere attraente, piacere
English - Polish - attract Pronunciation
v. przyciągać czyjąś uwagę, uwaga: zwracać na siebie uwagę, wabić, pociągać, pociągnąć
English - Portuguese - attract Pronunciation
v. atrair; seduzir
English - Romanian - attract Pronunciation
v. atrage, avea farmec, îmbia, fi urmat de, solicita
English - Russian - attract Pronunciation
г. притягивать, прельщать, пленять, привлекать, влечь, приваживать, манить
English - Turkish - attract Pronunciation
f. çekmek, cezbetmek
English - Ukrainian - attract Pronunciation
v. притягувати, приваблювати, чарувати, вабити, ласити, манути, надити, повабити, привертати, принаджувати, притягати
English - Dutch - attract Pronunciation
ww. (aan)trekken
English - Greek - attract Pronunciation
ρήμ. προσελκείω, έλκω, προσελκύω
English - Arabic - attract Pronunciation
‏جذب، إستهوى، لفت، خلب‏
English - Chinese - attract Pronunciation
(动) 吸; 引起; 吸引; 引起...的注意; 引起注意; 有吸引力
English - Chinese - attract Pronunciation
(動) 吸; 引起; 吸引; 引起...的注意; 引起注意; 有吸引力
English - Hindi - attract Pronunciation
v. आकषिर्त करना, खींचना, लुभाना
English - Japanese - attract Pronunciation
(動) 引き付ける; 引く
English - Korean - attract Pronunciation
동. 유인하다, 끌어당기다
English - Vietnamese - attract Pronunciation
v. kéo lại, rút lại, dụ dổ

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Synonyms for attract
1. entice: seduce, charm, tempt, lure, captivate, enchant, invite
2. draw towards: draw, pull, pull in, bring in, magnetise, magnetize, drag
Verb forms for attract
Present participle: attracting
Present: attract (3.person: attracts)
Past: attracted
Future: will attract
Present conditional: would attract
Present Perfect: have attracted (3.person: has attracted)
Past Perfect: had attracted
Future Perfect: will have attracted
Past conditional: would have attracted