Definition of authorization Pronunciation
1. Permission.
I've got authorization. Call the office and you'll see.
2. An act of authorizing.
3. (A document giving) formal sanction, permission or warrant.
Can I see your authorization?
4. Permission, possibly limited, to spend funds for a specific budgetary purpose.
We've had the authorization for years, but we've never gotten an appropriation.
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English - English - authorization Pronunciation
[authorization (Amer.) ] n. official permission; permit; empowerment; mandate; consent (also authorisation)
English - Spanish - authorization Pronunciation
[authorization (Amer.) ] s. autorización, aprobación, arbitrio, autorizamiento, bula, facultad, impetra, licencia, permiso, poder, potestad, visto bueno
English - French - authorization Pronunciation
[authorization (Amer.) ] n. autorisation; permission; accord; approbation; pouvoir
English - German - authorization Pronunciation
Amer.) ] n. Autorisierung; Ermächtigung
English - Italian - authorization Pronunciation
[authorization (Amer.) ] s. autorizzazione, permesso
English - Portuguese - authorization Pronunciation
[authorization (Amer.) ] s. autorização; permissão
English - Russian - authorization Pronunciation
с. разрешение, санкция, уполномочивание
English - Turkish - authorization Pronunciation
[authorization (Amer.) ] i. yetki, izin, ruhsat
English - Dutch - authorization Pronunciation
[authorization (Amer.) ] zn. vergunning; permissie; volmacht
English - Greek - authorization Pronunciation
[authorization (Amer.) ] ουσ. εξουσιοδότηση
English - Chinese - authorization Pronunciation
(名) 授权; 认可; 委任; 批准
English - Chinese - authorization Pronunciation
(名) 授權; 認可; 委任; 批准
English - Japanese - authorization Pronunciation
[authorization (Amer.) ] (名) 権限を与えること; 公認
English - Korean - authorization Pronunciation
명. 권한 부여; 허가, 공인

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Synonyms for authorization
authorisation: sanction, support, ratification, decree, permission, writ, authority, command