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English English - Definition of autocratic 
adj. dictatorial, despotic, all-powerful
Spanish English To Spanish - autocratic 
adj. autocrático, poder de una sola persona, absoluto
French English To French - autocratic 
adj. autocratique, absolu, derspotique, dictatorial, tyrannique
German English To German - autocratic 
adj. autokratisch, selbstherrschend
Italian English To Italian - autocratic 
agg. autocratico; (fig) dispotico, tirannico
Portuguese English To Portuguese - autocratic 
adj. autocrático (de governo de um (com poderes absolutos) )
Russian English To Russian - autocratic 
прил. властный, самодержавный, автократический, деспотический, неограниченный
Turkish English To Turkish - autocratic 
s. otokratik, zorba, despot, dikta
Albanian English To Albanian - autocratic 
adj. autokratik, pakufizuar: i pakufizuar
Dutch English To Dutch - autocratic 
bn. autocratisch (van alleenbeheer)
Greek English To Greek - autocratic 
επίθ. αυταρχικός, απολυταρχικός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - autocratic 
(形) 独裁的, 专制的; 专横的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - autocratic 
(形) 獨裁的, 專制的; 專橫的
Japanese English To Japanese - autocratic 
(形) 独裁の; 独裁的な
Korean English To Korean - autocratic 
형. 독재의, 횡포한, 전제적인
adjective: relating to or of the nature of or having characteristics of an autocracy Example:An autocratic government.
adjective: offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power Example:An autocratic person.
adjective: of the nature of or relating to an autocrat Example:An autocratic ruler.
adjective: characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty Example:Autocratic government.


 Synonyms for autocratic
1. despotic: dictatorial, tyrannical, absolute, autarchic, oppressive, totalitarian
2. bigoted: domineering, repressive, overbearing, arrogant, dogmatic, peremptory, oppressive

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