Definition of autocratic Pronunciation
1. Of or pertaining to autocracy or to an autocrat; absolute; holding independent and arbitrary powers of government.
In recent times the British prime minister has become increasingly autocratic.
2. Of or pertaining to the manner of an autocrat.
Despite his lack of any actual authority his autocratic demeanour annoyed many of his colleagues.
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English - English - autocratic Pronunciation
adj. dictatorial, despotic, all-powerful
English - Spanish - autocratic Pronunciation
adj. autocrático, poder de una sola persona, absoluto
English - French - autocratic Pronunciation
adj. autocratique, absolu, derspotique, dictatorial, tyrannique
English - German - autocratic Pronunciation
adj. autokratisch, selbstherrschend
English - Indonesian - autocratic Pronunciation
a. otokratis
English - Italian - autocratic Pronunciation
agg. autocratico; (fig) dispotico, tirannico
English - Polish - autocratic Pronunciation
a. autokratyczny, jedynowładczy
English - Portuguese - autocratic Pronunciation
adj. autocrático (de governo de um (com poderes absolutos) )
English - Romanian - autocratic Pronunciation
a. autocratic
English - Russian - autocratic Pronunciation
прил. властный, самодержавный, автократический, деспотический, неограниченный
English - Turkish - autocratic Pronunciation
s. otokratik, zorba, despot, dikta
English - Ukrainian - autocratic Pronunciation
a. самодержавний, диктаторський, самовладний, деспотичний
Romanian - English - autocratic
a. autocratic, autocratical
adv. autocratically
English - Dutch - autocratic Pronunciation
bn. autocratisch (van alleenbeheer)
English - Greek - autocratic Pronunciation
επίθ. αυταρχικός, απολυταρχικός
English - Arabic - autocratic Pronunciation
‏أتوقراطي، إستبدادي‏
English - Chinese - autocratic Pronunciation
(形) 独裁的, 专制的; 专横的
English - Chinese - autocratic Pronunciation
(形) 獨裁的, 專制的; 專橫的
English - Hindi - autocratic Pronunciation
a. निरंकुश, एकतंत्र
English - Japanese - autocratic Pronunciation
(形) 独裁の; 独裁的な
English - Korean - autocratic Pronunciation
형. 독재의, 횡포한, 전제적인
English - Vietnamese - autocratic Pronunciation
a. chuyên chế, độc tài

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