adj. operating by itself; unintentional
English - Spanish - automatical Pronunciation
adj. automático
English - French - automatical Pronunciation
adj. automatique
English - German - automatical Pronunciation
adj. automatisch; unabsichtlich
English - Italian - automatical Pronunciation
agg. automatico
English - Portuguese - automatical Pronunciation
adj. automático; sem intenção, desproposital
English - Russian - automatical Pronunciation
прил. автоматический, автоматизированный, машинальный, непроизвольный, авто
English - Turkish - automatical Pronunciation
English - Albanian - automatical Pronunciation
adj. automatik, mënyrë: në mënyrë automatike, vetvetishëm: i vetvetishëm
English - Dutch - automatical Pronunciation
bn. automatisch; onbewust
English - Chinese - automatical Pronunciation
adj. adv. ①自动。自动的。② 自动控制的。③ 机械的,无意识的。
English - Japanese - automatical Pronunciation
(形) 自動の, 自動的な, オートマチックの
English - Korean - automatical Pronunciation
형. 자동의, 기계적인, 자연발생적인, 자동적인
(a.) Having an inherent power of action or motion.
(a.) Not voluntary; not depending on the will; mechanical; as, automatic movements or functions.
(a.) Pertaining to, or produced by, an automaton; of the nature of an automaton; self-acting or self-regulating under fixed conditions; -- esp.
applied to machinery or devices in which certain things formerly or usually done by hand are done by the machine or device itself; as, the automatic feed of a lathe; automatic gas lighting; an automatic en

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