Definition of aver Pronunciation
1. Possessions, property, belongings, wealth.
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English - English - aver Pronunciation
v. declare, state
English - Spanish - aver Pronunciation
v. afirmar, asegurar, aseverar, declarar, verificar, certificarse
English - French - aver Pronunciation
v. avérer; déclarer; affirmer; exprimer, fixer
English - German - aver Pronunciation
v. behaupten, beteuern
English - Italian - aver Pronunciation
v. asserire, affermare, dichiarare
English - Portuguese - aver Pronunciation
v. declarar, afirmar; comprovar, justificar
English - Russian - aver Pronunciation
г. утверждать, доказывать
English - Turkish - aver Pronunciation
f. iddia etmek, söylemek, kanıtlamak
English - Dutch - aver Pronunciation
ww. betuigen, verzekere; beweren, verklaren; bewijzen
English - Greek - aver Pronunciation
ρήμ. βεβαιώ, δηλώ, διαβεβαιώ
English - Chinese - aver Pronunciation
(动) 断言, 主张
English - Chinese - aver Pronunciation
(動) 斷言, 主張
English - Japanese - aver Pronunciation
(動) 断言する
English - Korean - aver Pronunciation
동. 단언하다, 증언하다

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Synonyms for aver
assert: declare, swear, maintain, warrant, affirm, claim, depose
Verb forms for aver
Present participle: averring
Present: aver (3.person: avers)
Past: averred
Future: will aver
Present conditional: would aver
Present Perfect: have averred (3.person: has averred)
Past Perfect: had averred
Future Perfect: will have averred
Past conditional: would have averred