Definition of avowal Pronunciation
1. An open declaration of affirmation or admission of knowledge.
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English - English - avowal Pronunciation
n. admission; declaration
English - Spanish - avowal Pronunciation
s. aceptación, admisión, concesión; declaración, alegación, aserto, aseveración, profesión de fe, ratificación
English - French - avowal Pronunciation
n. aveu; déclaration; proclamation; affirmation
English - German - avowal Pronunciation
n. Bekenntnis; Ausruf
English - Indonesian - avowal Pronunciation
n. pengakuan
English - Italian - avowal Pronunciation
s. dichiarazione o ammissione ufficiale
English - Polish - avowal Pronunciation
n. przyznanie się, wyznanie, zeznanie, deklaracja
English - Portuguese - avowal Pronunciation
s. confissão; declaração
English - Romanian - avowal Pronunciation
n. recunoaştere, mărturisire, confesiune
English - Russian - avowal Pronunciation
с. признание, открытое признание
English - Turkish - avowal Pronunciation
i. itiraf, doğrulama, kabul etme
English - Ukrainian - avowal Pronunciation
n. визнання: відверте визнання
English - Dutch - avowal Pronunciation
zn. bekentenis; verklaring
English - Greek - avowal Pronunciation
ουσ. ομολογία
English - Arabic - avowal Pronunciation
‏إقرار، إعتراف، مجاهرة‏
English - Chinese - avowal Pronunciation
(名) 公开宣布, 声明; 告白, 承认
English - Chinese - avowal Pronunciation
(名) 公開宣佈, 聲明; 告白, 承認
English - Hindi - avowal Pronunciation
n. स्वीकृति
English - Japanese - avowal Pronunciation
(名) 公言; 自認; 告白
English - Korean - avowal Pronunciation
명. 공언
English - Vietnamese - avowal Pronunciation
n. sự bày tỏ

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Synonyms for avowal
acknowledgment: confession, disclosure, admission, divulgence, declaration, affirmation, confirmation