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English English - Definition of away 
adv. in another place; far, at a great distance
adj. not on the home field, played on another team's field (Sports)
Spanish English To Spanish - away 
adv. fuera; afuera
adj. fuera, de fuera (con respecto a partidos o equipos)
French English To French - away 
adv. au loin, autre part; loin, à une grande distance
adj. adverse, opposé, extérieur, pas de la même équipe (Sports)
German English To German - away 
adv. weg; weit; fern
adj. weg, außerhalb
Italian English To Italian - away 
avv. via; lontano; da parte, in disparte
agg. lontano, distante; via, assente; di fuori (Sport)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - away 
adv. em outro lugar; longe
adj. fora, de fora (de um jogo)
Russian English To Russian - away 
нареч. далеко, в другом месте; отступя; в отсутствие; прочь, долой, вон
прил. отстоящий, удаленный
Turkish English To Turkish - away 
i. deplasman maçı
zf. uzakta, uzağa, uzak, durmadan, yok, bir yana, devamlı
s. deplasmanda, rakip sahada
Albanian English To Albanian - away 
adj. tutje, larg
adv. larg, tutje, menjëherë, aty për aty
Dutch English To Dutch - away 
bw. weg, ver weg; ergens anders
bn. buiten (buitenspel), er buiten
Greek English To Greek - away 
ουσ. απών
επιφ. μακράν
επίρ. μακριά
ChineseS English To ChineseS - away 
(副) 在远处; 离去; 到远处
ChineseT English To ChineseT - away 
(副) 在遠處; 離去; 到遠處
Japanese English To Japanese - away 
(副) 離れて; 向こうへ; 消えて; 不在で
(形) 遠征先での(スポーツ)
Korean English To Korean - away 
부. 떨어져; 멀리
형. 상대편의 흠그라운드에서의, 아웃이 되어
adjective: used of an opponent's ground Example:An away game.
adjective: (of a baseball pitch) on the far side of home plate from the batter Example:The pitch was away (or wide).
adverb: from a particular thing or place or position (`forth' is obsolete) Example:Ran away from the lion.
adverb: from one's possession Example:Gave away the tickets.
adverb: out of existence Example:The music faded away.
adverb: indicating continuing action; continuously or steadily Example:He worked away at the proje


 Synonyms for away
1. ceaselessly: continuously, endlessly, incessantly, forever
2. removed: hence, off, over, apart, beyond, distant, thence
3. at once: now, directly, immediately, instantly

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