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Definition of away

1. From a place, hence.
He went away on vacation.
2. Aside; off; in another direction.
3. From a state or condition of being; out of existence.
4. Come away; go away; take away.
5. On; in continuance; without intermission or delay.
Sing away
6. Without restraint.
You've got questions? Ask away!
7. Being so engaged for the entire time.
That's where tourists go to hear great Cuban bands and dance the night away.
8. At a distance in time or space.
Christmas is only two weeks away.
9. Come on!; go on!
10. Not here, gone, absent, unavailable, traveling; on vacation.
The master is away from home.
Would you pick up my mail while I'm away.
11. At a specified distance in space, time, or figuratively.
He's miles away by now.
Spring is still a month away.
12. Not on one's home territory.
Next, they are playing away in Dallas.
13. Out.
Two men away in the bottom of the ninth.
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English - English - away

adv. in another place; far, at a great distance
adj. not on the home field, played on another team's field (Sports)

English - Spanish - away

adv. fuera; afuera
adj. fuera, de fuera (con respecto a partidos o equipos)

English - French - away

adv. au loin, autre part; loin, à une grande distance
adj. adverse, opposé, extérieur, pas de la même équipe (Sports)

English - German - away

adv. weg; weit; fern
adj. weg, außerhalb

English - Indonesian - away

a. jauh
adv. jauh, sibuk: dgn sibuk

English - Italian - away

avv. via; lontano; da parte, in disparte
agg. lontano, distante; via, assente; di fuori (Sport)

English - Polish - away

a. nieobecny
adv. stąd, precz, dal: z dala, ubocze: na uboczu, poza, oznacza oddalenie, od

English - Portuguese - away

adv. em outro lugar; longe
adj. fora, de fora (de um jogo)

English - Romanian - away

n. absentare
a. afla: care se află departe, absent, distanţă: la o distanţă de
adv. departe, încolo, afară: în afară, plecat de acasă, deoparte

English - Russian - away

нареч. далеко, в другом месте; отступя; в отсутствие; прочь, долой, вон
прил. отстоящий, удаленный

English - Turkish - away

i. deplasman maçı
zf. uzakta, uzağa, uzak, durmadan, yok, bir yana, devamlı
s. deplasmanda, rakip sahada

English - Ukrainian - away

a. видсутний, віддалений
adv. далеко, віддалік, здаля, геть, давно

English - Dutch - away

bw. weg, ver weg; ergens anders
bn. buiten (buitenspel), er buiten

English - Greek - away

ουσ. απών
επιφ. μακράν
επίρ. μακριά

English - Arabic - away

‏باتجاه آخر، غائب‏
‏بعيدا، جانبا، بعيد، جار على أرض الخصم، من غير تردد‏

English - Chinese - away

(副) 在远处; 离去; 到远处

English - Chinese - away

(副) 在遠處; 離去; 到遠處

English - Hindi - away

a. दूर, निरन्तर
adv. दूर, निरन्तर

English - Japanese - away

(副) 離れて; 向こうへ; 消えて; 不在で
(形) 遠征先での(スポーツ)

English - Korean - away

부. 떨어져; 멀리
형. 상대편의 흠그라운드에서의, 아웃이 되어

English - Vietnamese - away

v. đi xa
adv. xa, cách xa, ở xa, đi chổ khác, chạy trốn

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Synonyms for away
1. ceaselessly: continuously, endlessly, incessantly, forever
2. removed: hence, off, over, apart, beyond, distant, thence
3. at once: now, directly, immediately, instantly