Definition of awesome Pronunciation
1. Causing awe or terror; inspiring wonder or excitement.
The waterfall in the middle of the rainforest was an awesome sight.
The tsunami was awesome in its destructive power.
2. Excellent, exciting, remarkable.
That was awesome!
Awesome, dude!
3. The quality, state, or essence of being awesome or cool; awesomeness.
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English - English - awesome Pronunciation
adj. impressive; frightening; inspiring awe; great, terrific (Slang)
English - Spanish - awesome Pronunciation
adj. impresionante, aterrador, pavoroso, terrible, tremendo
English - French - awesome Pronunciation
adj. terrible, effrayant
English - German - awesome Pronunciation
adj. eindrucksvoll, überwältigend; ehrfurchterregend; super {Slang}
English - Indonesian - awesome Pronunciation
a. mengagumkan: yg mengagumkan, terpesona: yg membuat terpesona
English - Italian - awesome Pronunciation
agg. impressionante, spaventoso, terrificante; imponente, maestoso
English - Polish - awesome Pronunciation
a. straszny, straszliwy, przeraźliwy
English - Portuguese - awesome Pronunciation
adj. terrível, temeroso, que causa medo; impressionante (gíria)
English - Romanian - awesome Pronunciation
a. straniu, înspăimântător, misterios
English - Russian - awesome Pronunciation
прил. испуганный; устрашающий; отлично смотрящийся
English - Turkish - awesome Pronunciation
s. korkunç, dehşet verici, korku ifade eden
English - Ukrainian - awesome Pronunciation
a. жахливий, заляканий, благоговійний, шанобливий
English - Dutch - awesome Pronunciation
bn. vreselijk, angstig
English - Greek - awesome Pronunciation
επίθ. δεινός, φοβερός
English - Arabic - awesome Pronunciation
‏موقع فى النفس الرهبة، مرعب، مهيب‏
English - Chinese - awesome Pronunciation
(形) 引起敬畏的, 可怕的
English - Chinese - awesome Pronunciation
(形) 引起敬畏的, 可怕的
English - Japanese - awesome Pronunciation
(形) 恐ろしい; 畏敬の念を表す; 見事な, 素晴らしい(俗語)
English - Korean - awesome Pronunciation
형. 인상적인; 두려워 하는; 경외심을 일으키는; 대단한 (속어)
English - Vietnamese - awesome Pronunciation
a. đáng sợ, làm khiếp sợ

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Synonyms for awesome
overwhelming: breathtaking, monumental, staggering, towering, inspiring, stunning