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English English - Definition of awesome 
adj. impressive; frightening; inspiring awe; great, terrific (Slang)
Spanish English To Spanish - awesome 
adj. impresionante, aterrador, pavoroso, terrible, tremendo
French English To French - awesome 
adj. terrible, effrayant
German English To German - awesome 
adj. eindrucksvoll, überwältigend; ehrfurchterregend; super {Slang}
Italian English To Italian - awesome 
agg. impressionante, spaventoso, terrificante; imponente, maestoso
Portuguese English To Portuguese - awesome 
adj. terrível, temeroso, que causa medo; impressionante (gíria)
Russian English To Russian - awesome 
прил. испуганный; устрашающий; отлично смотрящийся
Turkish English To Turkish - awesome 
s. korkunç, dehşet verici, korku ifade eden
Albanian English To Albanian - awesome 
adj. tmerrues, tmerrshëm: i tmerrshëm, mbresëlënës
Dutch English To Dutch - awesome 
bn. vreselijk, angstig
Greek English To Greek - awesome 
επίθ. δεινός, φοβερός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - awesome 
(形) 引起敬畏的, 可怕的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - awesome 
(形) 引起敬畏的, 可怕的
Japanese English To Japanese - awesome 
(形) 恐ろしい; 畏敬の念を表す; 見事な, 素晴らしい(俗語)
Korean English To Korean - awesome 
형. 인상적인; 두려워 하는; 경외심을 일으키는; 대단한 (속어)
adjective: inspiring awe or admiration or wonder Example:The awesome complexity of the universe.


 Synonyms for awesome
overwhelming: breathtaking, monumental, staggering, towering, inspiring, stunning

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