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English English - Definition of baas 
n. master, employer (South Africa)
n. baas, master, employer (South Africa)
n. boss, head, leader; manager, employer; owner, proprietor
Spanish English To Spanish - baas 
s. señor (en Sudáfrica)
French English To French - baas 
n. maître, employeur (terme employé en Afrique du Sud)
German English To German - baas 
[baa] n. Baahh!, (Schafs) Blöken
v. blöken
n. Herr (in Afrikaans)
Italian English To Italian - baas 
s. Baas (al sud dell'Africa)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - baas 
s. senhor (na África do Sul)
Russian English To Russian - baas 
[baa] с. блеяние овцы
г. блеять
Turkish English To Turkish - baas 
i. efendi (g. afr.), patron
English Italian To English - baas 
n. baas, master, employer (South Africa)
English Dutch To English - baas 
n. boss, head, leader; manager, employer; owner, proprietor
v. boss, manage; rule over, tyrannize
Dutch English To Dutch - baas 
zn. baas, heer (in Zuid-Afrika)
Greek English To Greek - baas 
[baa] ουσ. βέλασμα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - baas 
(名) 老板
ChineseT English To ChineseT - baas 
(名) 老闆
Japanese English To Japanese - baas 
(名) 主人(南アフリカ)
(動) メーと鳴く
(名) メー, 羊の鳴き声
Korean English To Korean - baas 
[baa] 명. 매
동. 울다
noun: South African term for `boss'
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #30793).


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