Definition of baby-sit Pronunciation
1. To watch or tend someone else's child for a period of time, often for money.
2. To watch or attend anything or anyone unnecessarily closely; to have to help or coax too much.
He left me to baby-sit the new guy while he got some work done.
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English - Spanish - baby-sit Pronunciation
v. cuidado de niños durante la ausencia de los padres
English - French - baby-sit Pronunciation
v. garde d'enfants, surveillance d'enfants durant l'absence des parents
English - German - baby-sit Pronunciation
[baby sit] v. Babysitten, Führen von Aufsicht über Kinder oder Kleinkinder
English - Indonesian - baby-sit Pronunciation
v. menjaga anak
English - Italian - baby-sit Pronunciation
v. fare la baby sitter, occuparsi di un bambino in assenza dei genitori
English - Polish - baby-sit Pronunciation
v. opiekować się dzieckiem
English - Portuguese - baby-sit Pronunciation
v. cuidar de crianças (como uma babá) enquanto os pais não estão em casa; trabalhar de babá
English - Romanian - baby-sit Pronunciation
v. supraveghea un copil
English - Russian - baby-sit Pronunciation
г. сидеть с чужими детьми, присматривать за ребенком, быть приходящей няней
English - Turkish - baby-sit Pronunciation
f. çocuğa bakmak
English - Ukrainian - baby-sit Pronunciation
v. працювати нахожою нянькою
English - Dutch - baby-sit Pronunciation
ww. oppassen, babysitten
English - Greek - baby-sit Pronunciation
ρήμ. φυλάω νήπια
English - Arabic - baby-sit Pronunciation
‏إعتنى بالأطفال، حضن، عنى بالأطفال‏
English - Chinese - baby-sit Pronunciation
English - Chinese - baby-sit Pronunciation
English - Hindi - baby-sit Pronunciation
v. पालना
English - Japanese - baby-sit Pronunciation
(動) 子守をする; 子供の世話をする
English - Vietnamese - baby-sit Pronunciation
v. giử trẻ

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Verb forms for baby-sit
Present participle: baby-sitting
Present: baby-sit (3.person: baby-sits)
Past: baby-sat
Future: will baby-sit
Present conditional: would baby-sit
Present Perfect: have baby-sat (3.person: has baby-sat)
Past Perfect: had baby-sat
Future Perfect: will have baby-sat
Past conditional: would have baby-sat