n. state of being single, unmarried state
English - Spanish - bachelorhood Pronunciation
s. soltería, celibato
English - French - bachelorhood Pronunciation
n. célibat
English - German - bachelorhood Pronunciation
n. Junggesellentum
English - Italian - bachelorhood Pronunciation
s. celibato
English - Portuguese - bachelorhood Pronunciation
s. estado de solteiro, vida de solteiro
English - Russian - bachelorhood Pronunciation
с. холостая жизнь
English - Turkish - bachelorhood Pronunciation
i. bekârlık; bakalorya [üniv.]
English - Albanian - bachelorhood Pronunciation
n. beqari
English - Dutch - bachelorhood Pronunciation
zn. vrijgezel, vrijgezellen leven
English - Greek - bachelorhood Pronunciation
(Lex**) εργένικη ζωή
English - Chinese - bachelorhood Pronunciation
(名) 独身; 独身时代
English - Chinese - bachelorhood Pronunciation
(名) 獨身; 獨身時代
English - Japanese - bachelorhood Pronunciation
(名) 独身
English - Korean - bachelorhood Pronunciation
명. 독신
noun: the state of being an unmarried man
noun: the time of a man's life prior to marriage.

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