Definition of backbend Pronunciation
1. A move in which the performer bends backwards until the hands touch the floor or catches him/herself with the hands
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English - English - backbend Pronunciation
n. exercise movement
English - Spanish - backbend Pronunciation
s. Salto mortal hacia atrás (en atlética)
English - French - backbend Pronunciation
n. salto (mouvement en gymnastique)
English - German - backbend Pronunciation
n. Rückengurt; Rückrad (Leichtatlethik)
English - Italian - backbend Pronunciation
s. flessione del dorso (in ginnastica)
English - Portuguese - backbend Pronunciation
s. dobra para trás, ponte para trás (exercício de ginástica)
English - Russian - backbend Pronunciation
задний мост
English - Turkish - backbend Pronunciation
i. köprü [jim.]
English - Dutch - backbend Pronunciation
zn. achteruit buiging (een oefening in de gymnastiek)
English - Chinese - backbend Pronunciation
(名) 身体后仰作弓状姿势
English - Chinese - backbend Pronunciation
(名) 身體後仰作弓狀姿勢
English - Japanese - backbend Pronunciation
(名) 後屈

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