Definition of backbiter Pronunciation
1. Person who says nasty things about another person behind the second person's back: that is, out of sight and hearing of the second person.
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English - English - backbiter Pronunciation
n. gossip, slanderer
English - Spanish - backbiter Pronunciation
s. murmurador, maldiciente, difamador
English - French - backbiter Pronunciation
n. calomnieur; médisant
English - German - backbiter Pronunciation
n. Verleumder, Hetzer
English - Indonesian - backbiter Pronunciation
n. pemfitnah
English - Italian - backbiter Pronunciation
s. maldicente, calunniatore
English - Polish - backbiter Pronunciation
n. oszczerca
English - Portuguese - backbiter Pronunciation
s. caluniador
English - Romanian - backbiter Pronunciation
n. calomniator, bârfitor, clevetitor
English - Russian - backbiter Pronunciation
с. любитель сплетен
English - Turkish - backbiter Pronunciation
i. arkadan konuşan kimse, dedikoducu, iftiracı, arkadan konuşan
English - Dutch - backbiter Pronunciation
zn. roddelaar; lasteraar
English - Greek - backbiter Pronunciation
(Lex**) συκοφάντης
English - Arabic - backbiter Pronunciation
‏مغتاب، من يغتاب شخص‏
English - Chinese - backbiter Pronunciation
(名) 背后诽谤者
English - Chinese - backbiter Pronunciation
(名) 背後誹謗者
English - Hindi - backbiter Pronunciation
n. बदनामी लगानेवाला, अपवादक
English - Japanese - backbiter Pronunciation
(名) 陰口を言う人
English - Korean - backbiter Pronunciation
명. 험담하는 사람
English - Vietnamese - backbiter Pronunciation
n. gièm pha

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