Definition of backchat Pronunciation
1. Cheeky or impertinent responses, especially to criticism.
2. To respond in a disputative, often sarcastic manner.
Peter was sent to detention for backchatting the teacher.
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English - English - backchat Pronunciation
n. quick retort; back talk (usually in anger)
English - Spanish - backchat Pronunciation
s. impertinencia
English - French - backchat Pronunciation
n. impertinence; répartie; réplique prompte (ou irritée)
English - German - backchat Pronunciation
n. (schnelle, wütende oder freche) Widerrede
English - Italian - backchat Pronunciation
s. osservazione impertinente; insolenza
English - Polish - backchat Pronunciation
n. wzajemne oskarżenia, impertynencja
English - Portuguese - backchat Pronunciation
s. respostas malcriadas
English - Russian - backchat Pronunciation
с. быстрый обмен репликами, дерзкий ответ
English - Turkish - backchat Pronunciation
i. karşılık verme, küstahlık
English - Ukrainian - backchat Pronunciation
n. швидкий обмін репліками, відповідь: зухвала відповідь
English - Dutch - backchat Pronunciation
zn. snel antwoord (of boos, irritatie)
English - Chinese - backchat Pronunciation
(名) 回嘴; 机智诙谐的交谈; 顶嘴
English - Chinese - backchat Pronunciation
(名) 回嘴; 機智詼諧的交談; 頂嘴
English - Hindi - backchat Pronunciation
n. गाली-गलौज, कहासूनी, कहाकही
English - Japanese - backchat Pronunciation
(名) やり返し; 口答え(たいていけんかで)
English - Korean - backchat Pronunciation
명. 응수

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