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English English - Definition of background radiation 
low-level radiation suffusing the surface of the earth
Spanish English To Spanish - background radiation 
radiación de fondo (radiación débil sobre la tierra)
French English To French - background radiation 
radiations de fonds (faibles rayons se reflétant sur tout le globe)
German English To German - background radiation 
untergründige Strahlung (kosmische Strahlung die auf die Erdoberfläche fällt)
Italian English To Italian - background radiation 
radiazione di sfondo (radiazione non intensa che si irradia su tutta la terra)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - background radiation 
radiação básica (radiação fraca existente em todo planeta terra)
Turkish English To Turkish - background radiation 
geri plan radyasyonu
Dutch English To Dutch - background radiation 
achtergrond bestraling (een zwakke bestraling die boven de aarde hangt)
Japanese English To Japanese - background radiation 
noun: radiation coming from sources other than those being observed


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