Definition of baleful Pronunciation
1. Deadly or sinister.
The Florida eagles have a fierce baleful look.
2. Threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments.
A baleful look.
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English - English - baleful Pronunciation
adj. sinister; malicious, spiteful; furious; deadly
English - Spanish - baleful Pronunciation
adj. pernicioso,funesto, maligno, venenoso; aciago, desafortunado
English - French - baleful Pronunciation
adj. sinistre, maléfique, malveillant, malicieux; furieux; mortel
English - German - baleful Pronunciation
adj. unheilvoll, böse
English - Italian - baleful Pronunciation
agg. malefico, sinistro, pericoloso
English - Portuguese - baleful Pronunciation
adj. mau; cheio de ódio
English - Russian - baleful Pronunciation
прил. злобный, злой, зловещий, мрачный, гибельный
English - Turkish - baleful Pronunciation
s. zararlı; kötü niyetli (bakış), uğursuz
English - Dutch - baleful Pronunciation
bn. noodlottig; onheilspellend, haatdragend (blik)
English - Greek - baleful Pronunciation
επίθ. οδυνηρός, λυπηρός
English - Chinese - baleful Pronunciation
(形) 有害的, 恶意的
English - Chinese - baleful Pronunciation
(形) 有害的, 惡意的
English - Japanese - baleful Pronunciation
(形) 不吉な; 有害な; 悪意のある; 致命的な
English - Korean - baleful Pronunciation
형. 해로운, 악의가 있는, 불길한

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Synonyms for baleful
ruinous: evil, destructive, cancerous, noisome, deadly, shattering