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English French To English - balle 
(f) n. bullet, bale; ball, chaff; franc (Slang)
English Italian To English - balle 
interj. bosh, shucks, baloney, nonsense
Dutch French To Dutch - balle 
1. (général) baal (m/f) 2. (armes légères) kogel (m); projectiel (n)
3. (marchandises) baal (m/f) 4. (sports) bal (m)
5. (botanique) kaf (n)
German French To German - balle 
n. kugel, spreu, ball, handball, schuss, stutz, ballen, franc, leder
Italian French To Italian - balle 
1. (général) balla (f) 2. (armes légères) pallottola (f); proiettile (m); palla (f)
3. (marchandises) balla (f) 4. (sports) palla (f); pallone (m)
5. (botanique) pula (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - balle 
1. (général) fardo (m); carga (f) 2. (armes légères) bala (f); projétil (m)
3. (marchandises) fardo (m) 4. (sports) bola (f)
5. (botanique) folhelho (m); folhato (m); casca (f)
Russian French To Russian - balle 
n. мяч (f), пуля (f), мякина (f), отбросы (f), тюк (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - balle 
1. (général) bala (f) 2. (armes légères) bala (f); proyectil (m)
3. (marchandises) fardo (m) 4. (sports) pelota (f); balón (m)
5. (botanique) cáscara (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - balle 
[la] kurşun, mermi; top; balya, denk
French Italian To French - balle 
1. (conversazione) blablabla (m); baratin (m); absurdités (fp); inepties (fp); sottises (fp); non-sens (m)
2. (importanza) bêtises (fp); balivernes (fp); foutaises (fp); blagues (fp); idioties (fp); foutaise (f)


 Synonyms for balle
1. ballon: boule, pelote
2. projectile: plomb, cartouche
3. figure: bille,
4. franc:

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