Definition of band Pronunciation
1. A strip of material used for strengthening or coupling.
1. A strip of material wrapped around things to hold them together.
2. A narrow strip of cloth or other material on clothing, to bind, strengthen, or ornament it.
3. A strip along the spine of a book where the pages are attached.
4. A belt or strap that is part of a machine.
2. A strip of decoration.
5. A continuous tablet, stripe, or series of ornaments, as of carved foliage, of colour, or of brickwork.
6. In Gothic architecture, the moulding, or suite of mouldings, which encircles the pillars and small shafts.
3. That which serves as the means of union or connection between persons; a tie.
4. A linen collar or ruff worn in the 16th and 17th centuries.
5. Two strips of linen hanging from the neck in front as part of a clerical, legal, or academic dress.
6. A part of the radio spectrum.
7. A group of energy levels in a solid state material.
Valence band;
Conduction band
8. A bond.
9. Pledge; security.
10. A ring, such as a wedding ring (wedding band), or a ring put on a bird's leg to identify it.
11. Any distinguishing line formed by chromatography, electrophoresis etc
12. To fasten with a band.
13. To fasten an identifying band around the leg of (a bird).
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English - English - band Pronunciation
n. strip of material; stripe of color; orchestra, musical group; gang; group of people who live or work together
v. join together; place a strip of some material on
n. band, ribbon, strap, strip, string, cord, strip of material; musical group; (Anatomy) ligament, flexible tissue which binds bones together
English - Spanish - band Pronunciation
s. banda, faja, tirilla, venda; banda musical, conjunto musical, grupo musical; pandilla, cuadrilla, grupo de gente, partida de gente
v. agruparse, coligarse, fajar, circundar
English - French - band Pronunciation
n. lien,cercle (tonneau); bandage; bande (papier, toile); ruban (chapeau); bague (cigare); piste, bande de fréquence; plage (disque); bande, courroie (transmission); orchestre, groupe musical, bande
v. lier, réunir ensemble, assembler; rayer, zébrer de rayures; mettre un journal sous bande; bander (ballot)
English - German - band Pronunciation
n. Band; Musikgruppe; Bande
v. binden; anbinden
English - Italian - band Pronunciation
s. gruppo, comitiva, brigata, compagnia; reparto; banda; branco
v. unire, collegare; associare
English - Portuguese - band Pronunciation
s. banda de música; faixa; atadura; bando, gangue; grupo de pessoas que moram ou trabalham juntas
v. atar, ligar, unir; associar-se
English - Russian - band Pronunciation
с. тесьма, лента, поясок; связь, связка; полоса, черта, полоска, кайма; браслет, обод, обруч; полоса частот, диапазон; отряд, отряд солдат, группа людей; оркестр, джаз оркестр; банда; ватага, стая
г. объединять, соединять, объединяться, собираться, связывать, перевязывать
English - Turkish - band Pronunciation
f. şerit yapmak; bantlamak, bağlamak
i. grup, mızıka, takım, çete, bando, orkestra; bant, şerit; kemer, kayış, sargı; frekans bandı; şarkı (plâk)
German - English - band Pronunciation
n. strip of material; stripe of color; orchestra, musical group; gang; group of people who live or work together
Dutch - English - band Pronunciation
n. musical group
English - Dutch - band Pronunciation
zn. band; orkest; bende
ww. verenigen; een band aanbrengen
English - Greek - band Pronunciation
ουσ. δεσμός, ταινία, ζώνη, όμιλος, ορχήστρα, μπάντα
ρήμ. συνενώ, συγκεντρώνω
German - Spanish - band Pronunciation
n. conjunto (m), tomo (m), volumen (m), cordel (m), cuerda (f), bramante (m), balduque (m), cinta (f), cintillo (m), correa (f), atadero (m), güincha (f), lazo (m
German - French - band Pronunciation
n. bande (f), bride (f), bande magnétique (f), chaîne (f), bande transporteuse (f), bande de fréquence (f), garniture métallique (f), groupe (m), orchestre (m), volume (m), ruban (m), ligament (m), bandeau (m), lien (m)
German - Italian - band Pronunciation
n. rilegatura (f), allacciatura (f), striscia (f), pellicola (f), banda (f), cordella (f), fascia (f), complesso (m), tomo (m), fascicolo (m), volume (m), filetto (m), vincolo (m), cerchio (m), nastro trasportatore (m), legame (m), legamento {anat.} (m),
German - Russian - band Pronunciation
n. джаз-оркестр (f), том (m), лента (n), тесьма (n), тесемка (n), полоса (n), бант (n), бантик (n), завязка (n), связь (n), бандаж (n), связка (n), обруч (n), диапазон (n)
German - Turkish - band Pronunciation
i. takım (f), cilt (m), dergin (m), bağ (n), şerit (n), kayıt bandı (n), bando (n), takım (n), kısım (n)
Dutch - French - band Pronunciation
1. (bandrecorder) bande magnétique 2. (boeken) volume (m); tome (m) 3. (textiel) ruban (m)
4. (auto's) pneu (m) 5. (muziek) orchestre (m) 6. (anatomie) fascia (m)
7. (persoon) lien (m) 8. (verband) liaison (f); rapport (m)
German - Dutch - band Pronunciation
band ,lint ,boekdeel ,bond ,knoopte ,koord ,tape
English - Chinese - band Pronunciation
(名) 带, 细绳; 橡皮圈, 松紧带; 箍; 传送带, 传动带#伙, 群, 帮; 管乐队; 乐团, 乐队
(动) 用带捆; 用条纹装饰; 为...装箍; 给...镶边; 使聚集, 使团结; 聚集, 联合
English - Chinese - band Pronunciation
(名) 帶, 細繩; 橡皮圈, 鬆緊帶; 箍; 傳送帶, 傳動帶#夥, 群, 幫; 管樂隊; 樂團, 樂隊
(動) 用帶捆; 用條紋裝飾; 為...裝箍; 給...鑲邊; 使聚集, 使團結; 聚集, 聯合
English - Japanese - band Pronunciation
(名) バンド; ひも; たが; 1団; 1群
(動) 団結させる; 団結する
English - Korean - band Pronunciation
명. 밴드, 끈; 줄무늬, 빛깔 줄무늬; 한 무리, 한떼; 악단, 취주 악단
동. 함께하다; 끈으로 묶다
German - Chinese - band Pronunciation

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Verb forms for band
Present participle: banding
Present: band (3.person: bands)
Past: banded
Future: will band
Present conditional: would band
Present Perfect: have banded (3.person: has banded)
Past Perfect: had banded
Future Perfect: will have banded
Past conditional: would have banded