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English Italian To English - banda 
n. stripe, band, gang, pack, ring
English Portuguese To English - banda 
(f) n. crowd, band, throng, gang; side, edge, border; ribbon, scarf; sash
English Spanish To English - banda 
[banda (f)] n. band, strip of material; sash; strip, long narrow piece; lane; fan belt (Mechanics); tread; boundary, limit; (Latin America) bank; edge; troop, group; brass band, group of musicians who play wind instruments made of brass
French Italian To French - banda 
1. (gruppo) bande (f)
2. (musica) orchestre (m); fanfare (f); orchestre de cuivres
3. (mucchio) troupe (f); bataclan (m); bazar (m)
German Italian To German - banda 
n. strähne, seite, schiffsseite, rotte, schar, kapelle, musikkapelle, bande, sippe, blase, meute, streifen, trupp, band, blech
French Portuguese To French - banda 
1. (traje de cerimônia - homem) écharpe (f)
2. (música) orchestre (m); fanfare (f); orchestre de cuivres
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - banda 
n. 帶子 (daı4 zı5), 群 (qun2), 樂隊 (le4 duı4)
French Spanish To French - banda 
1. (grupo) bande (f)
2. (color) raie (f); strie (f)
3. (música) orchestre (m); fanfare (f); orchestre de cuivres
German Spanish To German - banda 
n. binde, gurt, streife, ordensband, schulterband, schärpe, horde, schar, bande, rotte, seite, band
Korean Spanish To Korean - banda 
n. 밴드, 관현악단, 악단
Russian Spanish To Russian - banda 
n. лента, банда, борт, оркестр


 Synonyms for banda
1. nastro: striscia, drappo, fascia
2. gruppo: cricca, band, gang, squadra, manica, masnada, ghenga, congrega, brigata, ganga
3. orchestra: complesso, fanfara
4. compagnia: reparto, fazione, masnada
5. lato: parte, fianco
6. bandiera: stendardo, vessillo
7. canale: spettro, fascia, nastro
8. lamiera:

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