n. exile; expulsion
English - Spanish - banishment Pronunciation
s. exilio, confinación, confinamiento, destierro, extrañamiento
English - French - banishment Pronunciation
n. bannissement, exil, expulsion; proscription
English - German - banishment Pronunciation
n. Verbannung; Exil
English - Italian - banishment Pronunciation
s. bando, esilio, allontanamento
English - Portuguese - banishment Pronunciation
s. banição; expulsão
English - Russian - banishment Pronunciation
с. высылка, изгнание
English - Turkish - banishment Pronunciation
i. kovma, atma, aforoz, uzaklaştırma; sürgün
English - Albanian - banishment Pronunciation
n. dëbim, syrgjynosje
English - Dutch - banishment Pronunciation
zn. verbanning, ballingschap
English - Greek - banishment Pronunciation
ουσ. εξορία
English - Chinese - banishment Pronunciation
(名) 放逐, 流放; 开除, 赶走; 驱逐; 清除, 排除
English - Chinese - banishment Pronunciation
(名) 放逐, 流放; 開除, 趕走; 驅逐; 清除, 排除
English - Japanese - banishment Pronunciation
(名) 追放; 排斥; 流刑
English - Korean - banishment Pronunciation
명. 추방, 유형
noun: rejection by means of an act of banishing or proscribing someone
noun: the state of being banished or ostracized (excluded from society by general consent).
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Synonyms for banishment
exile: expulsion, exclusion, ostracism, displacement