Definition of banishment Pronunciation
1. The act of banishing.
The judge pronounced banishment upon the war criminal.
2. The state of being banished, exile.
He has been in banishment from his home country for well over four years.
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English - English - banishment Pronunciation
n. exile; expulsion
English - Spanish - banishment Pronunciation
s. exilio, confinación, confinamiento, destierro, extrañamiento
English - French - banishment Pronunciation
n. bannissement, exil, expulsion; proscription
English - German - banishment Pronunciation
n. Verbannung; Exil
English - Italian - banishment Pronunciation
s. bando, esilio, allontanamento
English - Portuguese - banishment Pronunciation
s. banição; expulsão
English - Russian - banishment Pronunciation
с. высылка, изгнание
English - Turkish - banishment Pronunciation
i. kovma, atma, aforoz, uzaklaştırma; sürgün
English - Dutch - banishment Pronunciation
zn. verbanning, ballingschap
English - Greek - banishment Pronunciation
ουσ. εξορία
English - Chinese - banishment Pronunciation
(名) 放逐, 流放; 开除, 赶走; 驱逐; 清除, 排除
English - Chinese - banishment Pronunciation
(名) 放逐, 流放; 開除, 趕走; 驅逐; 清除, 排除
English - Japanese - banishment Pronunciation
(名) 追放; 排斥; 流刑
English - Korean - banishment Pronunciation
명. 추방, 유형

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Synonyms for banishment
exile: expulsion, exclusion, ostracism, displacement