Definition of banter Pronunciation
1. Good-humoured, playful, typically spontaneous conversation.
2. To engage in banter or playful conversation.
3. To play or do something amusing.
4. To tease (someone) mildly.
5. To joke about; to ridicule (a trait, habit, etc.).
6. To delude or trick; to play a prank upon.
7. To challenge to a match.
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English - English - banter Pronunciation
n. joking, teasing
v. joke, tease, converse in friendly manner
English - Spanish - banter Pronunciation
s. broma, burla, chanza, choteo, guasa
v. burlarse, chotear, hacer bromas; dar bromas a, bromear, chancearse de, embromar, guasearse de
English - French - banter Pronunciation
n. plaisanterie, blague
v. blaguer, plaisanter, discuter amicalement
English - German - banter Pronunciation
n. Spott
v. necken
English - Italian - banter Pronunciation
s. beffa, scherzo, ironia bonaria
v. beffare, scanzonare
English - Portuguese - banter Pronunciation
s. brincadeira
v. provocar, desafiar; falar ou dirigir-se a alguém com perspicácia e bom humor
English - Russian - banter Pronunciation
с. добродушное подшучивание, шутка
г. подшучивать, подтрунивать, добродушно поддразнивать
English - Turkish - banter Pronunciation
f. şaka yapmak, takılmak (Argo)
i. şaka, takılma (Argo), alay
English - Dutch - banter Pronunciation
zn. gekscherende plagerij, plagerige spot, gescherts
ww. schertsen; plagen, pesten
English - Greek - banter Pronunciation
ουσ. αστεϊσμός
ρήμ. πειράζω, χαριτολογώ
English - Chinese - banter Pronunciation
(名) 戏谑, 嘲弄
(动) 取笑, 逗弄; 开玩笑; 谈笑
English - Chinese - banter Pronunciation
(名) 戲謔, 嘲弄
(動) 取笑, 逗弄; 開玩笑; 談笑
English - Japanese - banter Pronunciation
(動) 冗談を言う; 冷やかす
(名) 冗談; 冷やかし
English - Korean - banter Pronunciation
명. 농담, 악의 없는 농담, 놀림, 희롱, 야유
동. 놀리다, 희롱하다, 농담을 하다, 농담하다

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Synonyms for banter
1. mock: tease, deride, heckle, jeer, jest, make fun of, ridicule
2. jest: jesting, teasing, mockery, derision, repartee
Verb forms for banter
Present participle: bantering
Present: banter (3.person: banters)
Past: bantered
Future: will banter
Present conditional: would banter
Present Perfect: have bantered (3.person: has bantered)
Past Perfect: had bantered
Future Perfect: will have bantered
Past conditional: would have bantered